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    Experience with a Berkey Water Filter System

    I've been distilling my water for over a decade. I'm not nomadic so power isn't an issue. I think I'll check tomorrow if my power bank can run the distiller. There are instructions on how to make a homemade distiller online but it does take awhile to make a gallon of water.
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    Van Living Forum decal

    I am a graphic designer/illustrator. I just wanted to add, make sure if you are using clipart, that it is free for commercial use clipart. Otherwise looks good. I would still make the mountains in the same style as the rest of the sticker though.
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    supplemental insurance for seniors

    I went with the High Deductible G plan. It only costs me $46 per month but I can still go to any doctor in the country, unlike an Advantage Plan. Medicare still pays 80% of any medical bills but the the insurance doesn't kick in until the $2700 out of pocket is met, Few people ever reach the...
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    Holidays are for the slaves……..

    The next holiday I am celebrating is Christmas and for me it is time to celebrate what Jesus did for me coming into the world. I asked my family if they were okay with not exchanging gifts this year and they agreed we don't need anymore "stuff". And so with that and the fact that I am newly...
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    Might as well buy a house!

    I purchased a park model in a nice rv park where you own the lot for $45,000, a year and a half ago. I put around $30,000 into it remodeling. Now I bet I could get $140,000 if I wanted to sell it, prices have gone up that much. HOA is $136 per month and includes internet, cable, water, sewer...
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    Off topic posts split from "How do u live on $700/month, truly?"

    If you find that van life isn't for you and you miss having a home base, come here to Florida. A lower cost of living and you can still use your van for trips. I enjoy this forum, even though I don't live in a van because of the helpful tips on reducing expenses. I sold my home and moved into a...
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    SSI Increase for 2023

    Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do about inflation or how much our social security checks go up or not. I'm starting a side hustle doing something that I love to do. Don't know if it will pay off or not but it is something I do have control over.
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    Off topic posts split from "How do u live on $700/month, truly?"

    Since I am relatively healthy I wouldn't feel right about allowing other people to provide my food and other necessities. I'm retired but if I lost everything I would find a job if need be. Or, more likely, just downsize further. (Yes I collect social security and will be on medicare next year...
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    Advantage of being mobile.

    I'm in a park model in an rv park in Florida but the recent hurricane has gotten me thinking about the advantages to being mobile. I could always take off in my camper but I have a lot invested in this park model. One big take-away from this to me is that it's not good to have all my eggs in one...
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    Off topic posts split from "How do u live on $700/month, truly?"

    Never said they weren't' paying their taxes. I've never been audited but I'm pretty sure it's time consuming and stressful. There is always a chance you made a mistake. This isn't partisan so please leave politics out of it. I don't want this thread to be ended. I've voted for both parties over...
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    How do u live on $700/month, truly?

    A few years ago it might have been possible, but now I would think the bare minimum would be $1,000 and even that would not be easy.
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    Off topic posts split from "How do u live on $700/month, truly?"

    The American dream wasn’t that everyone would be well off. It’s that everyone has the same opportunity to become well off. Some people will try things and fail, some will be more successful but that is how life is and what motivates people to try harder. Unless someone has a disability then we...
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    Off topic posts split from "How do u live on $700/month, truly?"

    I’m 64 and haven’t taken my benefits yet. I’m able to live on a part-time job and a small monthly withdrawl from my 401k. I may start taking it later this year because I think it will be enough for me to live mostly on now. My view is if I die early I’m not going to need social security, but if...
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    How do u live on $700/month, truly?

    In those circumstances I would look into getting a part-time or seasonal job doing something I enjoy. Even for people with health issues there are things you can do remotely. Depends what your comfort level is.
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    Any Graphic Designers Out There-Have a Question

    I started taking Graphic Design and art classes while working in a grocery store, a job that I hated. I just knew that I loved design and even though there were students who were younger and better at it than I was, I just wanted to improve my skills whether it got me anywhere or not. I ended up...
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    How do you organize your life and keep from getting overwhelmed?

    I think you may be an INFP personality. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. I’m an INFP and while I have a million different ideas what I could/should be doing I find it hard to get things done. One thing that has helped me is to reward myself for things I accomplish. For example, when I...
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    vehicle tents

    I have the Sportz tent that hooks to the back of my SUV. I love it. Not sure about the longevity of it using it full-time. I've used it a hand full of times and have had to patch a hole in the floor already. Maybe I had a rock poke through. I can also use it with a teardrop camper I have. All in...
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    Spiritual community

    I agree. This has been a concern of mine also. I plan to visit churches of my denomination. I tend to stay in one place for around a month. I think it will be interesting to visit different churches of my faith. Even though I'll lose the community, I think having the opportunity to visit so...
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    How many are living full-time in rv parks?

    Thanks everyone. These are all great ideas. I'll look into each of them. I'm feeling better already.