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    Holding Thinsulate in place

    I used the 3M 90 Adhesive with my Thinsulate. Still holding it to the ceiling of my Transit. While I was building it I was living in Arizona.Thats stuff stayed up winter and summer. It has to be the 3M 90 though for the high heat capabilities. I bought mine at Home Depot. If there's a supply...
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    Separett Toilets

    I've used a Separett composting toilet in my van for the last 3 years. So here's the good and the bad. It's mostly good though. The Good: It pretty much looks and acts like a regular toilet. I have a gray water tank so it drains to that. I don't have to worry about emptying a bottle of urine...
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    SoCal van conversion in process

    I live in LA. I full-time but for me my van is more of a micro apartment that I can live in for free. I do travel a lot for work so it gives me a few days a week to stay in a hotel and enjoy all the amenities. But when I'm home I'm pretty comfortable in my little setup.
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    Is vanliving easier in certain places?

    I live in California and it's pretty much a free for all here now. Want to live in your car, van or RV. No problem. Want to just pitch a tent in the park. Go ahead. Want to just sleep on the ground under a tree. It's all yours. I don't think it goes just by country but more of what part of the...
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    Overnight parking

    My favorite spot is on the street in a legal parking spot. It is very unlikely you will get a knock on your door if you are being inconspicuous. With that said I try to park where I can blend in. Places where parking overflows onto the street. By apartments usually work best for me. I came to...
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    Sewing on the road

    I've got a sewing machine with me right now as well. I made a screen door for my slider. Going to make some magnetic ones for the front windows as well a one for when the back door is open. The one for the sliding door has worked out better than I could have imagined. It took a little time and...
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    Ford Transit built in AT&T Hotspot

    HaHaHaHa.... they won't slow your data speed. They just say that. I use an AT$T hot spot with unlimited data. After the second day in the billing cycle I get an email every month saying I'm in the top 5% of data usage and my speed my be slowed down. Never happens. The rest of the month I use it...
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    Vehicle Registration / Mail forwarding

    My son lived. there while in the Air Force so I visited often. One of the things that made it easy to set up residency. I was already going there. I do love Deadwood and got the forum name because I went there often. But mostly because it was available to use. I don't think you need to be...
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    Vehicle Registration / Mail forwarding

    I use Americas Mailbox in SD. Been with them 5 years now with no issues. As for residency SD is pretty easy to get. You do have to spend one night there though. Americas Mailbox can help with auto registration but I just did it myself though the county treasurer. Either way is simple. If you are...
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    Finding Parking With a Long Vehicle

    Awesome.. LA (and mostly S. California) is van paradise. The culture is pretty laid back towards van life. And the homeless problem is so bad now. I see new tents going up in parks, on sidewalks, on beaches, pretty much everywhere that living in a van on the street is pretty low key. The weather...
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    Looking for opinions on heaters

    I have the Dickenson propane fireplace and love this thing. It puts out a nice steady heat, sips propane and the fan for it can't even be measured for its electrical draw. These things are so well made that I think any version you get you will be happy with and will work for a very long time. I...
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    Finding Parking With a Long Vehicle

    40' RV.. No problem. Just come out here to LA. Park on pretty much any street and never leave. No parking signs... No problem there either. Just ignore them and the cops will ignore you. Want to put your slide out and set up your BBQ. Go ahead.. I see people park for weeks on end where there is...
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    Finding street parking with Google Maps

    I just google apartments. I usually find that the people that need extra parking will have park on the street by the apartments. I just find one where people are parking on the street and just find an empty spot and that's that. Plenty of cars to just blend in with (I have a high top van). This...
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    park at nights

    Parking lots are usually privately owned so I stay away from them at all costs. On public streets however you can usually park legally in most places. I'm in LA so finding street parking is super easy. I just park where everyone else parks. But I also pretty much stay parked by apartments or...
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    way to get air stealthily

    I know in your post you said you don't want anything on the roof but to be honest I don't think I could live without my Maxair fan up there. As the van heats up the heat rises. And with the roof fan blowing the air out it makes a world of difference in keeping the van comfortable. As for stealth...
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    Insurance with Progressive

    I've had Progressive the last four years for my Ford Transit. It has only been insured as a cargo van. But they sent me a message after four years saying they need to know the physical address that I garage the van at. I full time in it and use a SD mail address for everything. This hasn't been...
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    I have a 4'' hole cut into my floor with a piece of black PVC pipe fit into said hole. The pipe runs up and has a 90* angle that comes to a panel with a vent cover. With all windows closed and my roof fan going the vent in the floor lets fresh cooler air from the ground enter as the warmer air...
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    Do I no longer need the physical address once I get a DL?

    I think it definitely helps to have a real address. By that I mean a legal address not so much a physical address. P.O. Boxes are not legal addresses but some of the mailing service do offer a legal address. I use one in SD. It gives me a legal address. I don't every have to worry about...
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    Typical fulltime vandweller

    I am 53. My van is basically my mini (free) apartment in LA. I work full time and wear a coat and tie to work. Which gets me funny looks when I get out of the van all dressed for work some days. I travel for work (I'm a flight attendant) so it just doesn't seem worth it to me to be paying a lot...
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    Inverter or not?

    I've been in my van 2 years full time now. When I was building it out I really had to ask myself if I even needed an inverter. I don't have a microwave, toaster, hair dryer etc... Everything I use is pretty much 12v. I do have a small 100w inverter I can plug into one of my 12v outlets which I...