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  1. steamjam1

    1988 Ford E-350 High top campervan - price thoughts?

    Wow 9+G's for a stand length Ford van hightop from 1988? That is ALOT-A steep. And to make it even worse its a 460, so it'll get 12mpg tops assuming your going downhilll with a tailwind. Van and RV prices have gone though the roof.
  2. steamjam1

    Its been a minute...

    Thanks! Don't worry. No more 4x4 conversions to Dodge vans. I learnt my lesson with the first one! This time its either an air locker for the Dana 60, or an LSD. Everything else will be box stock. Well OK I'm updating certain things.
  3. steamjam1

    Its been a minute...

    Dodge. Its my specialty. I'm totally excited to get my hands on a series-3 Dodge van.
  4. steamjam1

    Its been a minute...

    I haven't posted here in a long time. The last time I logged in was 11/2019. LOTS of things have happened to me in my van dwelling life since then. Now that things are calming down in my life I am glad to be back to this community. I still have my class-B Ferd. Its "asleep" right now under a van...
  5. steamjam1

    Dodge van frame horns rust issue

    Whenever I shop for Dodge vans, the first place I look even before I even start the engine are the frame horns, and even more importantly the idler arm mounts. On earlier vans they are bolt on, but later on Dodge started to weld them on, and those welds are especially prone to rust out.
  6. steamjam1

    What's your story?

    My story is easy: Up to my eyeballs in Uni loans. Up to my eyeballs in revolving door credit. Income hassn't gone up in years. Got desperate. Used my X-mas bonus to buy a van. Moved into it in three days. Never looked back.
  7. steamjam1

    Newbee coffee question

    A coffer maker is, essentially, a water tube boiler. I use one every morning with my RV's batteries through an inverter. I have also when low on the voltage simply heated up water to boil on my gas stove, and slowly poured in through the coffee and filter and let it drip into the carafe like it...
  8. steamjam1

    1990 Ford E150 Econoline Van

    I would start by pulling the codes off the ECU. Youll need a piece of wire and a test light. Its a 1990 so its OBD-1. Where I would go from there depends on how the engine stalls. Does the van start to stumble and then stall, or does it just suddenly die?
  9. steamjam1

    Does anyone have a med-large dog in your Van?

    I have a Ford extended RV with a 24" hightop. and two border collies. One full breed, and one half Aussie... Perfectly cozy.. Its just that rain or shine.. You gotta run em... Let em run..
  10. steamjam1

    Bare Minimum Level of Work Needed to Make a Van Liveable

    Yes. I bought mine for $40 from Walmart as an experiment to see if it would work. Just perfect for a van or small class-b. I won't go van dwelling/class-B living in the winter without one now. I haven't had a single mold problem in the 4 years I've been using one, and I've been through a few...
  11. steamjam1

    Can you de-computerize newer vehicles?

    Easiest way to have an older non computerized van is to go buy a 1970's or 1980's van, and then a good set of tools... You're going to be using them.. alot.
  12. steamjam1

    Have to Start all over again

    For a budget of $7000, you should easily be able to find a hightop equipped late model Ford or Chevy. Outdoors season is over so prices of these vans have been going down.
  13. steamjam1

    Front end vibration Dodge Grand caravan

    Dodge Grand Caravan... At idle vibration... If your gas mileage hasn't dropped and no CEL, then there are only three possibilities: Busted motor mount. Does the van make a "clunk noise" or "bang sound" when you put it in gear? Balancer shaft broken... Talk about one in a billion!! Harmonic...
  14. steamjam1

    Bare Minimum Level of Work Needed to Make a Van Liveable

    Yep.. I spent one NORCAL winter in a van with zero insulation, not even wall paneling. Just two throw rugs on the bare metal floor with an Ikea brand futon mattress ontop. It was utterly miserable. I woke up just abut every morning damp from condensation, mold was a constant problem, and I had a...
  15. steamjam1

    Is van life right for me?

    Is van life right for you? Only one way to find out.... And thats to go for it.
  16. steamjam1

    Bare Minimum Level of Work Needed to Make a Van Liveable

    The bare minimum I've done van dwelling is a K-Mart throw rug over the vans metal floor. It was about as luxurious as sitting on cold concrete.. But it got the job done.
  17. steamjam1

    Dealing with debt

    A good 75% of the junk mail I get in my PO box is credit card offers now. I tear them all up, or use them as camp fire kindling.
  18. steamjam1

    classic van parts?

    LMC truck
  19. steamjam1

    Engine question

    The Coachman Saratoga model were built mostly on Dodge and Ford vans. If the engine is a 5.9L, then it's a Dodge. Most Ford based units came with 7.4L. The 5.9L magnum engine is one of the best engines Dodge ever came out with. Terrible gas mileage for its size, but easy to repair, and get...
  20. steamjam1

    Newbie needs help

    Welcome! and Hi from Santa Cruz! I originally started van dwelling after college to pay off my university loans. Your doing the right thing in San Jose as rents are absolutely insane while the cost of attending uni is sky rocketing far beyond incomes. My advice to you is not to finance a van...