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  1. Joshua Irelan

    Solar Panel Idea

    I was just thinking of already having a spare foldable that could become a permenant instead of having to worry about rain etc. i wouldn't imagine 1x2 frame and a what 20-30 dollar piece of plexi. Give it more use instead of tucked away hardly used. Was wondering if someone has done it before...
  2. Joshua Irelan

    Solar Panel Idea

    Has anyone thought of taking a compact folding solar panel and converting it to a perment one? like building a wooden frame around it and mounting inside the frame then adding plexi glass on top and sealing it? Would this work or would this just be stupid?
  3. Joshua Irelan

    46 Disabled Male living the life

    Hi all, my name is Joshua Irelan. I have been vanlifing in my 2004 Ford E150 a year this coming august 31st. I been dreaming my whole life about living this way but had responsibilities (children to raise). Last one turn 18 and moved out and i began my life. I have made a trip to Colorado last...