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    attendant misfuelled my diesel truck

    Back in the 79 I worked at a station only thing open after 12 at night and all the coal miners went home, 18 wheeler pules up to gas pumps we did not sell diesel, said fill it up and off to the bathroom he goes. After pumping 80 gal he hollers for me to stop and ask if I am puting gas in. I said...
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    I 4p bridge closed in memphis indefinitely

    Mr noodles that  what il will take the next bridge is about 75 miles north a and south of Memphis.  The north bridge will cross over  in northwest tn.
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    I 4p bridge closed in memphis indefinitely

    Cracked found support beams.I 55 bridge is open with a20 mile backup. Both direction's  are closed.
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    Fiberglass hightop

    I would have them put more caulk  at thit little ridge that runs the plinth of the middle  ot the top. They did mine  and I had to take them out and reseal  them . The rubber seals  on the windows is not large enough to seal  over that little lip on the top. After I had mine done and it leaked...
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    W,ill a 1000 watts pure sine wave inverter power a 900 watts microwave
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    Electrical Wire Splice Help

    I use Anderson connectors type used on forklifts they just pull apart. That is what have used for 10 years and they are under the van with no problem' Also they are easy to pull apart in case of a problem such as a short that is not the time  to go looking for wrench.
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    Calling all nomads in the East

    That $50 and$100 dollers is for the group  site not per person  .should  have put that in first post. Price could be covered by donations  at the event.
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    Calling all nomads in the East

    West tn and west ky land between the lakes has a grassy group camp with 18 tables dumpster pit toilet. $50 for one week  $100 for two weeks . can hold 200 campers but only about 100 vans.
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    Help me pick a jack

    Go check bone yard might find  one that is for your van . most jacks are left in vehicle when taken to bone yard,
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    The new postal van looks....weird....

    Were did they get the money they have been in the read by millions for several years. They are so smart they paid 750 dollars per big box truck to remove ac so the company left the ac belt off. A good sharp knife could have done that  easy.
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    Fermented Foods: Kimchi, Sauerkraut, ETC

    My wife is from Korea so I have a little experience with Kimchi. Use only napa cabbage cut into small 2x2 in peaces soak in  pickling salt lots of salt for about 3 hours rinc and squeeze all the water out. Mix in shrimp sauce a little sugar minced garlic about 4 sections per gallon. Green onion...
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    Land in Monroe County WV

    Bullffog She moved to lexton got married  and then moved to mingo county WVA so her husband could work in the mines. they had 14 children and 4 of the girls marred. Hatfields
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    Land in Monroe County WV

    Bullfrog MY grandmother  was the granddaughter of  Randell McCoy. She was a baby in the house when the Hatfield attacked.
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    Roof coatings

    Fiber roof coating  from lowest. Silver paint tar and fiber. Dries to a hard silver color.  Plugs a good size holes. Used on several types roofing. Never had a problem.
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    I'm So Old I Can Remember...

    They had e a big warehouse  in Lebanon  tn about the size  of a Walmart that is full. Lebanon tn is the headquarters for  crakerbarel.
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    Free water in western AZ?

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    Death vally heat

    :s 128  on Sunday one deg below world record
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    New tires

    They were Michelin I don't remember  the name but changed the tread paternity and now they are called alli climate.  I  rotated  about e Ray 10000. They are 10 ply.
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    New tires

    Just changed my tires I got 123000 out of the last set and still had 1/8 in above the weare bar. 2011 Chevy express 2500.
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    Spring Flowers

    Qxxx fat fingers small keyboard