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  1. peacepanda

    Algodones for dental work in the HOT months

    Do all of the Los Algodones dental places stay open during the hot summer season? I have a tooth that is becoming very nervy. I know Quartzsite is a ghost town so I wonder what becomes of Algodones. Also for those of you who go in the summer, do you feel it's a better time to go because the...
  2. peacepanda

    Black Water Tank Emptying Service?

    I am thinking of staying in a travel trailer at someone's house for a while. They have all hookups except for black water. There are some complications with moving the trailer often. Does anyone know of services that come to you and empty your black water tank?
  3. peacepanda

    How soon will electric or hybrid vans/RVs be common?

    I've been thinking seriously about buying a camper van or RV. I've been a little hesitant though as I wonder just how quickly (or not) electric powered vans and RVs will become common. I don't want to make a major investment and then be stuck with old technology before too many years have gone...
  4. peacepanda

    Long Term RV Parks in Seattle / Western Washington

    I'm starting to think about buying a good RV to live in as an alternative to buying in Seattle's pricey real estate market. It's escalating rapidly, not to mention I appreciate Justin Credible's slogan "99 problems but a mortgage ain't one".  I would like to become more nomadic in the future but...