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  1. J


    ^^^^^^ That is a wonderful post. China is drowning in new bicycles. We (USA) are awash with good used bicycles. A Facebook Marketplace search is somewhat overwhelming. The two bikes in the picture below were 35 bucks and 40 bucks. Six speed, fixed front sprocket (chainring), both ends with...
  2. J

    Dome fans - converting exhaust to intake

    ^^^^ Good one. Crisscrossed outer legs. IF the dc motor can run by reversing the DC polarity, one of these switches can reverse the polarity. Maintained position (not Momentary) is essential...
  3. J

    A warning for anyone with a Joytutus or similar refrigerator. Check for a loose power connector

    My post above was based upon the 110vac connector, not the 12vdc cord. I use anderson connectors for DC applications.
  4. J

    A warning for anyone with a Joytutus or similar refrigerator. Check for a loose power connector

    I generally buy a lamp or something at a thrift store with a switched cord and attach a female end. Amazon link to ready-made switched extension cord...
  5. J

    Getting the most solar out of my chevy express roof as possible

    U-bolts. I drilled holes through the solar panel frame, installed the flat bar that comes with the u-bolt on top. Seven years ago. The holders for sliding out the lower panel were U-shaped scrap aluminum patio door sections...
  6. J

    Getting the most solar out of my chevy express roof as possible

    What bullfrog said above. Round ladder rack bars allow for tilting. Slides underneath allow for removing and finding sun.
  7. J

    Minivan, Hanging Curtains behind Driver Seat?

    I tried various materials and methods for a curtain behind a van's seats. Thin, black plastic sheeting has been the handiest for me. Lightweight enough to suspend with punched holes and hooks. Also small spring clips. Oversize cut with excess borders to help hide inside lights. Black plastic...
  8. J


    I'm old and have faded memories. Do I recall seeing and hearing videos of a RTR where certain speakers warned the crowd that no videos or recording of them was allowed?
  9. J

    12v electric stove OR Rice Cooker in a Minivan with a 12v freezer & 12v fridge for a healthy diet power requirements?

    This is directed at those that don't already know this. Watts gets almost all the attention. Amps (current flow) is much easier for me, and amp flow is the basis for most all other electrical measurements. Anyone using solar, battery, and inverter (120VAC), needs the capability to measure...
  10. J

    Illegal Obstruction of Public Land Access

    It's a mindset. I see little difference between those that view public land for raising livestock or other means for profit or a way of rural living versus those that think that same public land is for moving about full-time living/camping/squatting. Both mindsets defy the idea of public land...
  11. J

    Question about solar generators.

    Have you tried siphoning from your van's gas tank? Most have a device that blocks siphoning hoses from entering the tank. If you could siphon from the tank, a gas can wouldn't be necessary. Just siphon into the generator. My solution, about seven years ago, was to install a fuel line inside...
  12. J

    Inherited New RV/Camping toilet

    There are many cutesy terms in today's world that can be stated much more simply. It's as though by waxing eloquence that you can convince us of anything. It takes time to compost. In my rural, agricultural area animal poop is black gold more than ever due to fertilizer costs. Dried chicken...
  13. J

    Colorado US Forest Service - Leadville and Salida Ranger Districts - Request for comment

    I stumbled here a few years back while searching for technical advice. My above post was not meant to be trolling, but simply the reflections of changes in camping from part-time to media influences that encourage full-time living on shared public lands never meant for full-time living. The...
  14. J

    Colorado US Forest Service - Leadville and Salida Ranger Districts - Request for comment

    Over fifty years ago the military draft moved me from the east to the Rockies and desert southwest. Access to public lands was astounding and amazing. Tent camping introduced me to a majority of older, mainly retired people in campsites during the week. Weekends were a little different. I...
  15. J

    Lead Acid Battery Recommendation

    Willow, don't be afraid of Deep Cycle lead-acid batteries, especially if you already have two mounting locations and wiring to use them. Do you know if your vehicle has a relay that connect the house battery to starter battery with the vehicle running and disconnects with it off? With proper...
  16. J

    Lead Acid Battery Recommendation

    Willow4303, are you still here?
  17. J

    How to avoid toxic people?

    Expecting to live full-time for free on public lands never set aside for full-time living is squatting, not sharing, and seems greedy. Expecting to do so while on social media reviewing products, made elsewhere, mostly by workers living a more impoverished lifestyle, showing off cooking skills...
  18. J

    Seeking advice on a Chevy Express / GMC Savana

    I have a truck with traction control and a G80 rear differential. Under 20mph, if one wheel spins faster than the other, it clunks, locks and you either move or both wheels get bogged deep in the mud. A locked differential can be dangerous at highway speeds, especially in curves when one wheel...
  19. J

    No Insulation [Snowbird Hightop Van Build]

    I'm 69 inches tall. With insulation and paneling, my measurements and lying sideways in my Ford E-series showed room to spare. Yeah, right. After waking up due to my feet being restricted from relaxing due to a little scooting down from the pillow, I had to do something. At least I didn't...