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    When it's time to stop.

    Nicely put.Thanks

    1990 Ford E-150

    it sounds to me like you have an electrical short, probably a pinched wire. What I do is to disconnect the fuse one at a time at night to isolate the circuit that is shorting. Its a slow process but its better than just tearing wires out looking for it. Good luck on your safari hunt.

    show off your pet

    My boy Dubbie. He's one of the Boys in the Hood, haha.

    24/7 Chat About Anything

    Morgana, I hope everything goes well for your surgery. You are in our thoughts.

    Options for maintaining car insurance with no physical address

    Sara I had a similar situation, my grandson started using my address for his mailing address as his mail kept disappearing. I was then accosted by the insurance company as to why he wasn't on my policy. It took me 2 weeks and numerous phone calls to straighten it out. What a pain!

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    Maki2 on a cold snowy day that meal sounds great. It warms your heart and your stomach.

    24/7 Chat About Anything

    We were scheduled to come down tomorrow morning from northern New Mexico, but we are going to have to change until probably February. It's snowing here and has been for two days.

    I Need Some Advice On T.V. Service In My Van

    I have had Visible for my cell service for 4 years and they are my only source for internet, I watch netflix, videos and surf the internet a lot. I use my phone to supply my tablet by wifi, my laptop by usb cord and any thing else I need internet on. My cost is $25 a month on my plan which has...

    Chinese diesel heaters don't work above 5000 feet elevation. Buyer beware!

    I have a chinese diesel heater and it works fine at 5500 feet with no problems. If you go to the diesel heater forums there are lists that show how to adjust the burners fuel rate for higher elevations. These things are in nearly every over the road semi in the land operating at all locations.

    24/7 Chat About Anything

    Ben, wishing you every success for your surgery and a hasty recovery.

    Propane information

    I have transported the refillable lp tanks for years with no problems. They are much heavier gauge metal than the throw aways. As they hold a much larger supply of propane inside you will have fewer times that you need to make connections to the bottles, that is usually when you have a leak...

    Portable Generator

    air conditioner.

    Portable Generator

    I ordered a Westinghouse 2500/2200 i-gen from Sams and when it wasn't able to start my rv generator I took it back with no problems on the return. The only downside to the 4500 watt unit is it's not nearly as quiet as the 2500 watt unit was, but it will run your ac with room to spare.

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    Ben, I have had over a dozen orthopedic surgeries and I have bad arthritis in knees, shoulders and hands. I have been using Mary Jane's cannabis infused salve to help with mypain. The salve is 270mg of THC and 90 mg of ***. Its goes to work in minutes and lasts for hours. If you have legal...

    1994 dodge coach house 192 SD info/opinions

    I would want to see the maintenance records and to know if its use was spread over its lifetime. If it has been in regular use then I would be interested. The older models can be easier to troubleshoot if problems arise. If it has sat for several years I would want a pro to inspect it. Best luck...

    INTJohn's VERY Belated Winter '20-'21 Truck Livin

    Wow, thanks for the trip log and the beautiful pictures.

    Just For Fun

    close but unfortunately wrong, please and thank you. Haha

    24/7 Chat About Anything

    i don't know if you are in a state that allows medical marijuana or not, but I have terrible pain from a reverse shoulder replacement and the other shoulder is just as bad. I use Mary Jane's cannabis infused salve, 270 mg thc and 90 mg ***. It works fast and lasts 10-12 hours. There are many...

    Sold 2021 Interstate 6x10 Cargo Trailer Xlnt Cond.

    That's a great trailer at a good price. Hope you get it sold soon.

    Need Supervision - new to building and using power tools

    I'm a long ways from Florida, I suggest you check out some U Tube videos of build projects on vehicles similar to yours. If you have some power tools, pick up some scrap boards from Lowe's or Home Depot and practice on them. Wishing you all the best on your project. Ps. always wear a good pair...