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    Your experience with all-electric vans

    My cynical thoughts: Most of the "science" that I see offered seems to have sources that provide it for 1) Money, or 2) Mind Control. Or both. Politicians lie like rugs, and most of the benefits go straight to them. If one of them tells me that the sun came up this morning, I would step...
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    Do you feel less stable in a hightop van?

    Driving in high winds can be begging for trouble. If you're living in a van, what's the hurry if you wait a day or two? Some people think their standard height van won't be a problem. Well, what do you think could happen if you're in the right lane, and an empty semi is passing you when it...
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    Sleeping with the door open

    The most important conditions to consider are the ones surrounding YOU, at the time. And to keep in mind that you are not special, God is not going to protect you under all circumstances, and that bad things can happen to anyone.
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    Your experience with all-electric vans

    When people fighting over a charging spot makes the national news, it's probably a good indicator that long-distance travel isn't a good idea.
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    Flooding Help

    Get a box of DampRid, used for removing moisture from places like closets. This is probably best used as a finishing method, after using some of the suggestions above. Don't put it directly on the carpet or seats. Either spread it on a couple of trays, or among empty flat containers (like...
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    My first month on the road.

    Some really bad things have happened to people who routinely think, "Oh, it will be all right -- just keep going". I lived in Las Vegas, NV for 5-6 years, driving limo. The number of people who refused to listen to that little voice was incredible. Vegas is in a valley, surrounded by hills or...
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    OREGON '23...............Postcards from the Road

    To repel rodents, my first thought is a cat or dog, and a roll of fencing to circle the vehicle. Have a separate strip along the top that flexes inward to discourage climbers. Yes, the bulk would be a nuisance, but how much does damage repair cost, in comparison?
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    New Cars are Data Privacy Nightmares

    I seriously doubt that data collectors think or worry about anything except profit. And I'm sure they sell it to anyone who pays them. And if criminal entities find a way to connect 'harmless' information to your seriously private info, they won't worry, they will just raise the price, because...
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    New Cars are Data Privacy Nightmares

    I was reading that those idiotic automatic car door unlocks (which let strangers into your car) can be turned off. Maybe these InfoStealers can be turned off, too.
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    Pilot friend missing since Sunday, Please send a prayer, Hope or Good Thought!

    He's 82..... possibility of a medical emergency. Hope he's found safe.
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    Where to go to install windows?

    I seem to remember someone here (maybe a year+ ago) advising to have Windows installed by a dealer, but I can't remember the reason why.
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    RV park life, is it affordable for low income?

    Just a passing thought... Everyone seems to mention highly-populated areas, which always cost more for most things. What about trying smaller towns or less populated areas? Sure, the bigger places have more available stuff, but how much do you really need?
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    Rocket stove and thermos cooking

    If you want to make a brick stove, use red clay bricks, which have already been heated to 1,000 to 1,500°F. Cinder blocks can explode if they absorb some water, as they're made from concrete and gravel. The thought of being blinded by an exploding brick, while out in the boonies makes me sweat..
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    Funny prompt! - Come up with a fake company name/decal that makes people not want what is inside the van

    Don't use anything that would trigger the politically correct psychos.
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    Trailer towing gone sadly wrong

    And sometimes the person driving doesn't think the laws of physics applies to them. I saw one on Interstate 5 this week. I was doing 60+ in the right lane, approaching my offramp. A box truck was passing me in the middle lane, and about 15 feet behind him was a Ford 350 pickup hauling a...
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    OREGON '23...............Postcards from the Road

    How do ants get into a radiator?
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    1990 Ford E-150

    Re: parasitic draw... I don't know much about mechanical stuff, but if you tow a trailer and don't disconnect it when you're parked overnight, I understand you'll usually affect the truck battery. Just tossing this out there. It was news to me when I read it.
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    I saw Maki2's mention of a Zero Gravity Chair, so I looked it up to see what it is. I already own one! If you're a senior, BE SURE to try one before you buy. The first problem is the front bar that sits on the ground. It was cleverly designed so that when you decide to stand up, you have...