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  1. michaelc

    SPLIT - SE Gathering photography laws and courtesy

    I am too. I get all sort of great ideas from your site. Filming without my permission in most cases is inconsecquetial. Misusing the material? There are more direct methods (and satisfying) ways of dealing with that.
  2. michaelc


    Good for you! Bookworms that are moble need the Amazon Kindle App. I've got a couple of hundred books on my PC/Kindle. helps too (free). I'm in a similar situation - execept now I'm 77 and retired. We're Techno-gypsies. Happy trails!     M.
  3. michaelc


    3 X! Wow! You need van dwelling. Happy trails!    M.
  4. michaelc

    Considering the Options

    Funny you should mention that. I'm big (6', 230 lbs) and remodelling my Honda Element for living in full time. Nine months a year I use a tarp "breezeway" to a 3 person tent. Cook on the back hatch. Winter in Upstate NY is a drag. Better drift to FL, the TX Valley, or AZ. There are a bunch of...
  5. michaelc

    New Member Living in 2007 Prius

    Go back to Bob's posts, to Breaking out of Prison I and II. He explains it very well.
  6. michaelc

    Greetings from WI

    Hey Frozen - Congratulations and welcome. I started down the same road 3 months ago (alas too late to get out before winter). I'm in Upstate NY, you're in WI - same problems w/ remodelling in a winter wonderland. I'm77 and just decided to hell with it. Then on my trial runs I started meeting...
  7. michaelc

    Not quite yet a van dweller but soon.

    Good luck. Better get out after the coming storm. Or wait 'til Spring. We're in a blizzard right now. Happy Trails!    M.
  8. michaelc

    Divin In

    I'm so happy for you all! Avoid heart attacks and strokes by the minimalist life. Avoid politics too. Modern American life is a death trap - and most can't let it go. Also as an ecologist and systems analyst it is collapsing and those without an alternative are toast. Happy trails!      M.
  9. michaelc


    Welcome and good luck! Divorces can be mixed blessings. Quarters look like they were cozy - but here you won't have worry about people trying to kill you when you step outside. (Well, not most places anyway. I remember once in MS... well, never mind. That was long ago. I hope.) Happy trails!   M.
  10. michaelc


    Good morning Janette!  I put it off for 50 years, 20 since I knew it was inevitable - my life was not mine alone. I've remodeled a 12 year old Honda Element as a "camper" and am using that until I can up grade to a big van. I don't know where you live, but you might extend to camping in State...
  11. michaelc

    Hello Everyone

    Congratulations! Two ideas. Get in touch with some of the RV Friends and vet some to come and give you support on the farm while you take off for a couple of weeks at a time. Vet them carefully though. There are a lot of well meaning "wannabees" but not many "Can-dos). I assume you've got the...
  12. michaelc

    new person

    If you haven't already, you might want to get a small roll of Reflectix reflective insulation. Great for keeping heat out or in - and easy to work with. Happy trails! M.
  13. michaelc

    Homeless friend advice

    Sounds great! I'm 77 and vehicle home is good, but remember, with age comes problems - the Pottie Problem (PP), fiber in diet (extra fresh fruit and veggies), and staying hydrated (H20 w/ occasional Gatorade.) Watch the SSRI and any BP meds, esp. Alpha blockers.
  14. michaelc

    RV locations

    Where's the nearest National Forest to you?
  15. michaelc


    Yes. But you were one band - not a part of a nation wide group, and you used the electronics for money (music). We are technologically savvy people who use that to keep in touch, share information, and profit (may be money), AND we wander because it suits us and to stay off the radar.
  16. michaelc


    I thought "Gnomads" were Harry Potter characters.  ; - )>
  17. michaelc


    Hey Matlock - I don't thin "gypsy" is that much  a pejorative any more - "geek"is now more so. The ones I've met are not really poor - just not much money. (The "Techno" part is critical. Those with no technology tend to be poor nomads - hobos.) Obviously you have E-technology tools.
  18. michaelc

    Homeless friend advice

    Good for you! Point out to your friend that she isn't "Homeless", just "Houseless". I'M houseless. I have no mortgage, credit card debt, interest, taxes, or annoying neighbors. I have friends, many I've never seen. Not like FB "friends" - but real friends I just haven't met yet. Go back to...
  19. michaelc


    Congratulations! Me too! Like the original gypsies, we hide in plain sight. If we became obvious, we' be persecuted too. I live under the "poverty" level - I'm not poor. In spite of having completed 2 full time careers, I just don't have much money. At 77 I dropped out. Our situations are...
  20. michaelc


    Yeah. To all the above. I'm saying, I'm a retired psychologist and scientist. I see many, maybe thousands, taking their model from the original Gypsies to cope with a new situation. The original gypsies survived (survive) by slipping through the cracks in their societies. We are choosing this...