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  1. Suanne

    How do you find a caravan?

    Hi Foresthouse, You can always post here where/when you want to camp and see if anyone in the forum is up for sharing camp with you. Use the Camp Together sub-forum at Or, you can join one of the HOWA Caravans. All information about when...
  2. Suanne


    Yes. You are correct! The Caravans begin in Southern Nevada a week from today, October 6th! Suanne Carlson Exec. Dir., HOWA
  3. Suanne

    RIP highdesertranger

    Mike was such a driving force in this forum. A warm soul. And a brilliantly unique individual. I will always remember your gold mining and vehicle recovery classes at the RTRs ... and that one last visit with you in the afternoon shade. I will miss you. RIP HighDesertRanger
  4. Suanne

    Women Camping Together, an invitation

    Hi Teri, In my opening post is all of the information on Facebook. So, no need to use FB to join the women in January. I don't use any paper maps. But some of my Nomad friends use State-Based Map Books by Delorme and/or Rand McNally. I typically use Google Maps or Google Earth. Enjoy the...
  5. Suanne

    Women Camping Together, an invitation

    An invitation for Women Nomads to Camp Together.  This is a personal invitation (not part of HOWA or CRVL) for women to camp together in the same expansive area, being COVID safe.  January 21-26, off of Plomosa Rd in Bouse (about 25 minutes from Quartzsite).  Please visit my personal Facebook...
  6. Suanne

    Oct 3-4, Pahrump, Free Medical, Dental, Vision

    Also, RAM offers some services by telephone, by appointment. For more information, go to To book an appointment, start here --
  7. Suanne

    Oct 3-4, Pahrump, Free Medical, Dental, Vision

    RAM provides free Medical, Dental and Vision in Pahrump, Oct 3-4 I heard about Remote Area Medical (RAM) from Guy here on the forum.  RAM is a mobile organization providing free medical dental and vision services for people who are un- or under-insured.  When I needed a tooth...
  8. Suanne

    Possible Jobs on the Road (article)

    I found this article interesting and thought I'd share it here. With social distancing and sheltering in place, many others beside nomads are seeking jobs that are not location based.  Although this article's list of jobs are listed under the heading "work from home," these positions could...
  9. Suanne

    A Van for Suanne

    Thanks much for that housewarming plant.  I know exactly where I want to put that palm tree in my van ;) I'm not one to name my vehicles … at least not yet.  But, I do like the name "Wanda."  In my back country horse outfitter days, we had a white mule named Wanda.  She was dependable, smart...
  10. Suanne

    A Van for Suanne

    Almost 3 years ago, I decided I needed to replace my '04 Prius.  My analysis that lead to my decision to get another Prius is here in the forum at Since then, HOWA entered my life and my needs have changed.  So, I just purchased a 2016 Chevy...
  11. Suanne

    Can You Help

    The Yuma Field Office that manages the LTVAs in Quartzsite, said the only place we can have the RTRs is at the same place it was last year, in Scaddan Wash at $6/person/day.  That's problem number one.  The second problem is that we want to keep the RTRs free to participants; or, on a donation...
  12. Suanne

    2020 RTR location??

    I may take you up on getting their contact information. Especially if we get a chance to go before their Tribal Council. Thanks.
  13. Suanne

    2020 RTR location??

    If anyone here has access to any of the Tribal Councils in the desert southwest who may have land for the RTRs for this year or next, please Private Message me. I would love for you to make introductions. Thanks, Suanne
  14. Suanne

    2020 RTR location??

    The RTRs have historically been an event that is centered around being a community.  Although we have seminars, over the years a smaller and smaller percentage of the total RTR participants attend the seminars.  Rather, people come for community.  Attendees want that experience and connection of...
  15. Suanne

    2020 RTR location??

    BLM has informed us that RTR gatherings within the Colorado River District, which is where the La Posa LTVAs are located, will cost us $6 per person, per day. So, some quick and dirty math, for 10 days and 10,000 participants, that would be $600,000. Not affordable. FYI: After this change in...
  16. Suanne

    2020 RTR location??

    We are still waiting on the BLM. Our most promising location has the BLM staff estimating Cost Share (HOWA's portion of BLM's staffing cost for the event). We want to make sure we can afford it … preliminary Cost Share numbers exceed $20,000 (which RTRs have never paid for before).
  17. Suanne

    Can You Help

    I really like the community spirit that this idea embodies. Unfortunately, when on public land, we can't have organized HOWA activities without a Special Use Permit, operations plan, lots of processing time, and many associated BLM costs.  That's why the Caravans are kept smallish and not...
  18. Suanne

    My old generator

    Thanks much for thinking of HOWA.  Currently we have enough generators. Remember, we are nomads ourselves and have little storage.  So, we can't carry around donations for possible distribution later. What we do now, on a very limited basis, and will do more when we can automate, is "play...
  19. Suanne

    PSA - Participant Beware

    The purpose for this Public Service Announcement (PSA) is to help people, especially those new to the lifestyle realize that -- 1) Our mobile community is helpful, 2) Mistakes and accidents happen within that helpful community, and 3) Each person needs to take responsibility, use their own...
  20. Suanne

    Boiling water in a car

    Take a look at the Cauldryn.  It's expensive.  But, it works well.  If you live out of your car like I do, get the Cauldryn Fyre Mobile Smart Mug or the Cauldryn Fyre Mobile 2.0 because and they're made for vehicle use.  For these 2 units, you get 2 boils per battery charge.  (Note: the second...