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    Insulation ideas and realities

    I was told maybe ten years ago that if you had an ice chest/cooler that had 6 walls, each one foot thick, and put in it a gallon jar filled with boiling water, sealed it and put it outdoors in a Wisconsin winter, at some point, you could open it and find the water frozen solid. This...
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    Keeping Cat Box Smell Down

    Light a match and wave it around in the stinky air. You may have to do it twice. It's the fastest solution I've found in 60 yrs of cat companions.
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    Leash training cats......hopefully

    For a place to hide and a snug warm spot, go to Google Images and look up 'Cat Cave'.
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    Leash training cats......hopefully

    A man who has been training cats and dogs for a long time is Robert Dollwet. He is owner of the famous cat named Didja, that he has taught to walk on a leash, skateboard, ride a surfboard and swim. Just google CATMANTOO in regular Google, or Youtube. Didja skateboarding: World's Best...
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    Ford E450 city transit bus

    Re: the wheelchair lift. If you get the bus, or something like it, and have no use for the lift, I've heard that it can be a PITA to remove. Check around to find local businesses that sell wheelchairs and those small electric carts for seniors and handicapped, and ask if they would have a use...
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    Packrat trap?

    Packrats aren't mice, they weigh more than half a pound.
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    Gas Pump Credit Card Skimmers

    If you can use a credit card, don't use a debit card where skimmers could be used. The credit card companies will fix the problem fast, but banks don't want to make good quite as well.
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    Trouble with foam board

    The difference in covering a 4x8ft area (32 sqft) with 2 layers of flexible 1/2" Polyiso and messing around trying to force the 1" rigid Polyiso is less than $4. How much will that really set you back in the saving of time and effort?
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    Stick Pins for Mounting Foam Board?

    Here: Long Supply (sheet metal supplies), Illinois Five lengths from 1.25 to 2.5" in boxes of 100. Click on photo and note gripping surface of pin.
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    Find a vet near you directory

    If you haven't noticed, this forum is for people who travel. 'Travel' means driving down the road to different places.
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    Issue with Coleman propane stove

    Why do 20# propane bottles have oil?
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    update of asset forfeiture laws

    Can't tell the cops from the robbers.
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    how to make an insulated curtain?

    If you go the moving blanket route, consider installing a 'curtain rod' in the spot you want the barrier, and hang it with METAL show curtain hangers. Just use an ice pick or something to poke holes where you need them, and push the small end of the hanger through the fabric. These...
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    Women Only: Safety on the road - sexual assault

    Kathleen: "I don't think they would have supported her actions. And in a "non violent" rape (don't get upset now, I'm talking about the difference between a sloppy drunken idiot and someone who has slashing, stabbing, torturing, and killing on his mind) would you kill the aggressor and feel...
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    Adoption from Shelter When You Are "Homeless"

    If you're in a place where you have a friend or relative, ask if they would go in with you, and do the adoption if you find the right pet. Then they just turn over the animal to you.
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    Whom to disclose to

    Why set yourself up for problems? Do you hear people go around bragging, "Hey, I live in an apartment?" Just because it's fine with the rest of us, that isn't necessarily so with other people. Keeping your mouth shut doesn't usually get you in trouble as much as talking too much.
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    DIY Exhaust-powered greywater evaporatator sketch

    Weight, you surely got that right! Like government.
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    Cheap Hobo Rocket Stove

    Flue blocks are concrete. Concrete heats up and spits small bits when heated. DO NOT USE CONCRETE for a rocket stove. Use only clay bricks, as they've already been fired to 1000-1500 degrees Fahrenheit, and can take the heat.
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    You Ain't Right Club

    I may be more cynical and less patient than most but, to tell the truth, I've met more people who Ain't Right than ones who are. By far!
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    Simple Method to Avoid Being Judgmental

    Unrealistic. Mainly pointless. People are what they are -- there's no law that you have to understand and like everyone. Some people you've known for a long time, and still don't like them, and never will. Some people aren't likeable. What's you plan for psychopaths?