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    "The Instant Pot and the Miracle Kitchen Devices of Yesteryear"

    Jingle was for carpet cleaning
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    Discounts on internet service

    It's called the American connectivity program. I've been on it for over a year. Once you get connected works pretty easy
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    Forum Courtesy

    look it up in the urban dictionary
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    Transmission dilemma on a Chevy Express 1500

    with a tear in your eye and an emotional sob story, pull your trusted guy out of retirement to do a "shade tree" rebuild or supervise someone he trusts to do the job right
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    How to avoid toxic people?

    i would make friends with a hard-ass local cop who knows the realities of trespassing people versus evicting tenants. I would then hire them to do an initial interview with any perspective occupants and pass along that fee to the people you are reviewing. Would let the prospects know that you...
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    Here's a story of a man that used a P.O. box for his permanent address and got away with it

    I second that. When I was buying judgments, I rented a PO box but instead of showing PO box in any address I gave up I listed the physical address of the post office with a unit number which was my box number and the nine digit zip code which was specific to my box, Got a couple of nasty letters...
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    "Medicare enrollees warned about deceptive marketing schemes"

    can't see any Medicare advantage plan making sense for a 100% nomadic senior.
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    America's Quietest Roads

    thanks for sharing. I'm not hitchhiking on these
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    Obamacare, (ACA), stress test

    If you haven't had the experience yet, be aware! I am on "old school" Medicare with a G supplement. Having been in and out of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities the thing that shocked me was the first time I went in they took all my prescription medications, threw them out, and reissued...
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    Liviing in Arizona vs Alabama with Environmental?

    if it were me, I'd set up to be totally mobile (living #vanlife). Then you can move around to where you feel good. Think of skills you could develop that would let you increase your income remotely. Run it through someone else's LLC that you trust. They pay the taxes, then "gift" you after tax...
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    What do you look for?

    I have them check out Boondockers welcome They can specify whatever terms they want and ask people that Show up what they want
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    Squatters taken over my new home, need to backyard vanlife?

    dirty DIY landlord eviction tricks - Turn off the water at the main street meter in the middle of the night and I hope they are not smart enough to figure out how to turn it back on again,Visit the local biker bar and invite your new friends to party in your house Will be expensive but probably...
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    Looking at remote work. Any suggestions?

    My last W2 job ended 9/15/1984. I've been self employed since then. So no, wasn't looking for a job
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    Looking at remote work. Any suggestions?

    go to the you tube channel creativity rv. I bought her book on remote work , available on Amazon, and it was very comprehensive
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    New guy here.

    what I would do is get the exact make model year and run a Google and Facebook search on that looking for user forums - birds of a feather. I would also call around to find whomever is the GMC regional service manager (they call on the dealerships) and ask for suggestions - people that retired...
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    Where Do Van lifers Get There Paper Mail Delivered To?

    check on Bob's website Many videos on the subject
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    New to the community.

    all of HOWA'S caravans are arranged on meetup,com Free to join plus you can find people with other interests similar to yours in your local area or wherever you wind up. Also check the HOWA website
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    Name of fastener

    google has the ability to search on images. might give you the name
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    Thinking about Van instead of dorm

    check with security at your school and see if there are dedicated areas or ways people are hacking stays and check with student housing for possibilities