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    South Dakota residency

    Thanks for the info. Never heard of American mailbox, am definitely going to check it out.
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    South Dakota residency

    Has anyone changed their address and residency to South Dakota through escapes. And if so was it hard or was it easy and what were the pros and cons that you found. We're thinking about doing that but I would like to get some other opinions first.
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    Peace amongst all

    I've noticed in our travels that there's been a lot of hate going on with different people of different races or cultures. I want to point out that a we all bleed the same color. The other thought I have about this is that we also all share the same planet and we should act accordingly and treat...
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    Women Only Peeing myself

    I went to the doctor for the same issues and she advised me that it was from aging and it was called a falling bladder. She also said it can come from having had kids as well. She suggested I do kegels. And yes I've heard you can go get it packed up but I haven't actually checked into that. Good...
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    Another zombie

    Thank you everyone for the welcome greetings. I've been checking out the forms and have found many helpful things. Look forward to getting to know more of you.
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    Another zombie

    My name is Marci,Carl's wife you all know as traveling zombies. I suffer from anxiety and depression and my old counselor told me that I should get out of my comfort zone. So my wonderful hubby took me on this venture to get me out of my comfort zone and enjoy nature and wildlife and meeting new...