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    Who would a landowner contact about hosting caravans?

    Wow, what state do you live in?  They let you get away with that?  You guys must have the most polite, considerate, and ethical lawyers in the country.  LoL
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    Who would a landowner contact about hosting caravans?

    Sorry, I'm using my mobile phone and don't see a provision to edit the color.   The color text was just a copy of the quote I was responding to.  Upon further examination, I see how the quote function works differently that I had assumed on my Android phone.  Perhaps this will work better.
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    Who would a landowner contact about hosting caravans?

    I'm a landowner in North Wisconsin who's been following Bob for years.  I love to travel and live out of my vehicle, and I'm often away from home for work as a Union tradesman.   I've got a beautiful rural property on Lake Superior near public beaches and wilderness areas.  Lately I've been...
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    Amazing Free Youtube Resource For Learning DC Electrical Systems(or anything else)

    Jim Pytel's YouTube channel AKA "The Big Bad Tech Channel" is an amazing resource for learning A-Z electrical theory and systems!   I'm currently going back to school for an Industrial Maintenance Technology degree.  I had missed part of a day...
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    Best camper stove and why?

    Thanks for the advice.  I just ordered one.  Any thoughts on where to get the best deal on butane for this model?  Do you refill the green propane tanks from a larger, or buy them new? I've never used propane for anything except cutting torches or bottle torches, and never used butane at all.
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    scooters and off road motorcycles

    Kawasaki Super Sherpas are pretty awesome if you find a good deal on one.  6th gear for versatility. Light weight.   Will carry a small family and groceries.
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    I quit vandwelling, or living in any vehicle. Why?

    I lived off the back of my Honda CRF250L tent camping for about 6 weeks and 6000 miles miles last year.  Got mid-60MPG even loaded down with a TON of crap.  Goes 55mph all day long(if you need to) without getting buzzy because of the 6th gear.  Will go 60+ at need.   I rode it out of Fort...
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    Malicious Android Apps Have Taken Over More Than 1M Google Accounts

    I don't think this is a problem for more recent phones.  It's my understanding that "gooligan" is specifically targeting older, outdated versions of Android.   I believe it only effects phones running on Jelly Bean, Kitkat, and Lollipop.  Newer versions of the OS(Marshmallow and Nougat) are not...
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    Greetings from WI

    Hello all,   Just signed up and figured I'd introduce myself.   I stumbled upon Bob's youtube channel about a week ago and it's totally changing my life.  I've always thought about doing a van conversion, but ignorantly had no idea that there were so many people actually living the lifestyle...