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  1. WalkaboutTed

    Best used Prius (or equivalent brand) for dwelling?

    You know, I've been on crvl zillions of times since 2016 and never "saw' that topic. Now that im thoroughly embarassed, I'm going to slink back off into the peanut galeery now. Thank you. Ted
  2. WalkaboutTed

    Best used Prius (or equivalent brand) for dwelling?

    Hi all, Still stuck at home, but I have sent Hubby away for almost a week. In our 25 years together, we've never spent more than 3-4 months together until the stinkin' pandemic. We both need our time alone. We only have the one van,  so I will be stuck at home.  I have a kid here or the...
  3. WalkaboutTed

    Women Only - fever or hot flash???

    I really, really hate them hot flashes! What works for me are Estrogen transdermal patches, you can get them for changing once a week or twice a week-which i use as leaving the patch on for a week is too hard on my skin. A typical dosage is "estradiol transdermal system delivers 0.1mg a day". ...
  4. WalkaboutTed

    Unwanted Assumptions Rant

    After numerous instances of men thinking thst they're God's gift to womanhood, i just stopped being friendly to men-either single or in a couple when on the road. I've found that even if my husband is with me, I've had guys hit on me anyway. Repeatedly and insistently. Same boat, im in my 60s...
  5. WalkaboutTed

    My Side of the Mountain

    I grew up in Fort Lauderdale and my sisters and I would build "forts" on vacant lots and open coconuts and pretend that we were living off the land. All the coconuts are gone from Florida since the 70s-80s when Lethal Yellowing killed all the coconut palms in South Florida. Not many vacant...
  6. WalkaboutTed

    Oxyclean/oxyboost question-Re:Rainier70 post

    Keeping your meat intake down is definitely helpful. Between Happy Camper and a low/no meat diet, I could dump the tanks and not have to breathe through my mouth. Fish and dairy don't affect the stink so much.. It's better for your body too. Ted
  7. WalkaboutTed

    Medicaid expansion - poor people medical insurance.

    FYI, in Arizona, you can have substantial assets and as long as your income is within parameters, you will qualify for Medicaid (called AHCCCS). Theoretically a millionaire could qualify, but I've never heard of abuse of it. I dont know about other states, but many of them, including New...
  8. WalkaboutTed

    [split] Tilt Solar Panels?

    We put a 180w solar panel with hinges on the driver side of our hightop van. It was a pain to raise it up. But we found out that it is extremely helpful if we have it face East in the morning or to the South in the winter. When our batteries are the hungriest, facing the side panel towards the...
  9. WalkaboutTed

    First-timer needs help with vehicle choice

    I often talk about "stealthing", but it's not that we can hide it with solar panels and the fan housing on top. What has worked for us is (yes, this is sexist) is sticking Hubby in the back when I park in our nighttime spot after teeth brushing and walking the dogs elsewhere. An old lady in a...
  10. WalkaboutTed

    Will dog crates support a person?

    They're our babies, much more spoiled than my kids were. We only have about a square meter of open floor and if the dogs aren't on the bed or seats, we trip over them.  There are worse things for us. Ted
  11. WalkaboutTed

    How much does RV size (length) really matter?

    We were very happy with our 17foot trailer as far as living in it, it was like a palace compared to the van. But we found that towing a trailer was a pain in the ass and it really limited us (or me when I traveled alone). No such thing as attempting to stealth dragging a trailer around. The...
  12. WalkaboutTed

    regular wheel base or extended wheel base

    we love our Nissan high top, but the cargo area is pretty small because the cab is so large. If they had manufactured a longer wheelbase, we would have gotten it. It gets a little cramped with the two of us and two dogs. Get bigger. Ted
  13. WalkaboutTed

    The heat is coming to the low desert. What now?

    We're not getting out until May, after we get our new "Covid house" in order and I finish my little garden harvest. Then we'll be heading up to Northern New Mexico and maybe Colorado. We've been talking about doing some of the lesser parks in Utah, but I don't know about the crowds during the...
  14. WalkaboutTed

    Will dog crates support a person?

    We have two 20lb dogs in our Nissan NV2500 when we travel. Since our bed is a shortened double bed, sleeping with them is untenable, besides, our younger dog "wanders" in the van at night, so they have to be crated. Our wire van crate is small, only 24inches and they kinda sleep on top of each...
  15. WalkaboutTed

    Advice Please: First hand experience using a microwave in van

    We set up Hubby's van around the ability to make coffee (electric kcup or drip-800w). And since he likes his coffee super hot after adding milk, a microwave was needed (700w). In order to do it, two cups if he's by himself, four cups if I'm with him, this is his set up: 360w solar on top...
  16. WalkaboutTed

    PSA: Please see eye doc ASAP for increased floaters (detached retina)!!

    PSA=public service announcement  I've been offline for a bit because my left eye has been recovering from a detached retina. I've had increased floaters for months,  but kept putting off "unnecessary" doctor visits until I got my second covid jab. I'm a fool because I know better, I have several...
  17. WalkaboutTed

    Holding Tank Treatments

    The best sensor is opening the toilet valve and looking down into the tank. Our sensors stopped being accurate after the first dumping. We put our used tp in a bag, used Happy Camper (which helps a tremendously with smell, especially when it's hot). And I would spray inside the tank for up to...
  18. WalkaboutTed

    Naming of vans

    it`s just easier for me to name my vehicles, bicycles, houses, kayaks, dogs, cats... But it's Ex1, Ex2, Late3 or just plain "As****e!". Can't remember my kids names half the time either: Son#1, #2, #3 & #4. Whatever floats our boats. Ted
  19. WalkaboutTed

    TT propane use

    I turned on the water heater and the water pump only when it was going to be used. Its a remnant from when i was a boat person, but leaving flexible hoses under pressure 24/7 just seems to be asking for trouble. For the same reason that i always used the tanks instead of city water when at an...
  20. WalkaboutTed

    Article w/ Bob Wells in today's Guardian

    A positive article: The site asks you to register, but just click on "I'll do it later". Ted