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  1. VanGrrl57

    How do u live on $700/month, truly?

    I will be doing food service and I agree with you about the Badlands. It's gorgeous.
  2. VanGrrl57

    How do u live on $700/month, truly?

    Well, I'm on Original Medicare and I receive Social Security. Before Medicare is taken out, I get $965.00, and once Medicare and my Part D are taken out, I get around $776.00. After my health issues are finished with, I'm on my way to the 2023 RTR which I'm looking forward to since it will be my...
  3. VanGrrl57

    Ad inducement to sign in sux

    I don't have a problem with signing in. However, I stay signed in now. Maybe I shouldn't do that but it works for me.
  4. VanGrrl57

    Seriously, so you want to be in love again...

    I'm currently single and that's okay with me. I've been married and widowed both times and have 3 kids who are grown now, and my youngest is 26. If things work out and I meet another man, great! But if not, that's okay, too. I was lucky in that I never had to go through a divorce. Both my...
  5. VanGrrl57

    Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage (open enrollment ends Dec. 7)

    I have Traditional (Original) Medicare. My Part D is Humana (Walmart) Insurance which comes out of my Social Security. I thought about a Part C plan but I can't afford it right now. I did my research about the two different types but decided Original Medicare was the right choice for me. To...
  6. VanGrrl57

    SSI Increase for 2023

    Thank goodness! I can sure use it.
  7. VanGrrl57

    Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day to all veterans. Thanks to you all.
  8. VanGrrl57

    Nomadland wins

    I LOVED Nomadland! I purchased the DVD so I could have a copy of it.
  9. VanGrrl57

    Been away so long that I feel I should reintroduce myself.

    Hello to all here. I'm VanGrrl57 and I have been away for quite some time. I had some pretty serious health issues that required me to stay with my daughter. I feel a lot better now, though, and I'm itching to get back out on the road. I have another van as my 1988 Chevy Astro went to "the auto...
  10. VanGrrl57

    Does anyone work seasonal retail jobs?

    I work seasonal jobs. I worked at Yellowstone National Park for the 2017 season, then came back to stay with my daughter as I had some serious health issues to deal with. I've applied for a seasonal job at Mt Rushmore and I have a phone interview scheduled for this coming Monday. I'm hoping I...
  11. VanGrrl57


    Hi and congratulations!  Hope to see you out on the road one of these days. I'm back from Yellowstone and recovering from heart surgery at my daughter's place for now. I got seriously itchy feet but I should get the all clear from my doctor to be out and about again by June.  VanGrrl57 :D
  12. VanGrrl57

    Double Parking

    I'm lucky in the fact that my 1988 Chevy Astro fits into a parking space. When coming back to South Dakota from Montana and Wyoming, I stayed at Wal-Marts and there were no problems for anyone. Everyone was pretty considerate and that's nice.  VanGrrl57  :)
  13. VanGrrl57

    My Path to (No)Madness!

    Hello. I'm VanGrrl57 and I have been offline for awhile. I'm also a full-timer but I'm currently staying in my daughter's driveway here in Sioux Falls, SD. I got back to my home base (Sioux Falls, SD) in November of 2017 after spending the 2017 season at Yellowstone National Park working for a...
  14. VanGrrl57

    Calling all Astro/Safari van owners

    Hello. I haven't been online much due to where I work (Yellowstone National Park). The Internet really stinks up here but it is what it is. The views are great, though.  :D As to your question, I currently own a 1988 Chevy Astro Van (shorty). I have had LenaBelle for a little over a year now...
  15. VanGrrl57

    In appreciation of SternWake

    SternWake, I will miss you around here. I'm not online myself very often but I do enjoy your posts, so I was surprised when I read you decided to leave. I'm sorry to learn that but you must do what's best for you. Take care and thanks. VanGrrl57  :)
  16. VanGrrl57

    Solar Eclipse

    Well, I will be working that day. LOL! As someone else here shared, the NPS (and all of us at Yellowstone) is expecting a lot of people. We shall see... A friend of mine is going with her hubby to the Grand Tetons for the eclipse. They are planning to safely take pictures for those of us who...
  17. VanGrrl57

    WOMEN ONLY: Howdy nomadic sisters!!

    I'm in the northwest area these days. I do have some plans (my youngest daughter's wedding in November) but I think it would be fun to get together with other women from this site. Maybe one of these days we can. That would be nice. :D VanGrrl57 :D
  18. VanGrrl57

    WOMEN ONLY: Howdy nomadic sisters!!

    I have met some women vandwellers/RVers out here while working at Yellowstone which is pretty cool, too. We have all decided to stay in touch and help each other out. I have also met married women RVers out here as well that I have become friends with. That's cool, too.  :D  There's some of us...
  19. VanGrrl57

    Women Only: Safety on the road - sexual assault

    When I was sexually assaulted, I was not a vandweller at the time. I was assaulted by a guy that was a friend of my late husband's. I was a young, naive gal at the time; I was 23 and had just found out I was pregnant with my son. :( My car had broken down and it was late at night so I figured I...
  20. VanGrrl57

    What was your first time out like?

    I was living in South Dakota already and working a full time job at a homeless shelter when I first got the idea to live in my van to cut expenses that were crippling me. It was hard to afford rent, pay student loans, and other debt I had. I heard about this website when doing a search online so...