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  1. GoingMobile

    Inverter/Charger and Lithium Batteries

    I bought a Kisae 1000 watt Smart Inverter-Charger. Abso IC 121040 True Sine Wave Inverter + 40 Amp Battery Charger. The Charger voltage is 13.5-14.4V and Float Range 13.4-13.8. A friend pointed out that the packaging states: Charger Battery Type: Gel, Flooded, AGM, Fixed. It does not list...
  2. GoingMobile

    Insulating a Cargo Trailer

    I have the solar panels on a roof rack on top of my van. The reason I mention this is that with about a 3-6" space in between the panels and the roof it acts as a shade keeping the van cooler even while in the sun.
  3. GoingMobile

    Gear For Sale Magma Induction Non-Stick Cookware Set - Nesting, Set of 10

    Full cookware set of 4 nesting pots, a skillet / fry pan, and 2 detachable handles. Stainless exterior with non-stick ceramic coating inside. Made for people who live on boats. Nests together like a camping cook set and takes up very little room in the cupboard. And then you have a full set of...
  4. GoingMobile

    Vehicle Wanted Wanted: 6'x12' Cargo Trailer, must have 6' or better interior height.

    I am in Starkville Mississippi. Moving in late May to New Mexico. I'm looking for an approximately 6'x12' empty cargo trailer to move some things and will need at least a 6' high interior height. I eventually want to convert it into a mobile art studio but for now moving from here to there is...
  5. GoingMobile

    Getting ready to wander

    There is a facebook group; "Rubber Tramp Art Community" I don't know how active they are. I would imagine of the people who travel around and set up at Art Festivals/Shows/etc. there must be some who live out of their vehicles. I'm going full time at the end of May and will be painting based...
  6. GoingMobile

    Bills being voted on in South Dakota Escapees notification

    It makes sense legislators would not want people from outside the state to vote unless they were certain about how they would vote. And someone living outside the state would not be immersed in campaign ads and other propaganda to sway their vote in the desired direction. But I wonder if anybody...
  7. GoingMobile

    Pros and Cons of Van-Life out West

    Climate: dryer, variety of temperatures available with elevation change that doesn't necessarily mean driving that far. I'm currently in Mississippi and would not want to do van life through the many hotter humid months here. It would be miserable. I can be in my van without AC and still be...
  8. GoingMobile

    Questions about Ford Transit van

    Have had one 2 years. As expected a bit more challenging in parking lots. 148" WB. It drives great, very good handling, like a car in many ways. I have the ecoboost engine which has ridiculous acceleration on tap, sometimes useful and climbs grades with ease. Did some off road driving recently...
  9. GoingMobile

    Catalytic Heaters

    Ha, yes left an "a" out and see what happens.
  10. GoingMobile

    Catalytic Heaters

    I insulted the entire van with thinsulate. No windows in the back and a thermal curtain separating the cab from the back. Also 16 degrees when I woke up this morning. I didn’t bother with the heater and instead kept the windows closed. Kept warmer than the night before with the heater.
  11. GoingMobile

    Catalytic Heaters

    Well, it got down to 16 degrees where I camped last night. Had the Wave 3 on high, with front window opened a 1/2 inch and a roof vent open a crack. It didn’t seem to help warm up the interior of the van much. Was glad I had a down sleeping bag. I could feel it putting out some heat if I put my...
  12. GoingMobile

    How to build it right, the FIRST time!

    I'm an artist and enjoy the process of design and building. Part of the design process for me was to assess what functions I needed from the space I was designing, what I needed, what I wanted, and survey what others had done to solve those problems. Then draw a floorplan of the space I had to...
  13. GoingMobile

    Catalytic Heaters

    I used to have a Svea backpacking stove that ran on white gas. Very lightweight. It had a small reservoir around where the burner emerged from the tank You would fill that with white gas, light it on fire and give it a moment before turning the burner on, much like the method used to light the...
  14. GoingMobile

    Swankie was absent, but is ALIVE!

    Happy to hear this worked out so well Swankie. I hope this also takes away some stress and helps keep you stay in comfortable working physical condition for longer. I've always fantasized about parking the van and opening the rear doors and driving out the back on a motorcycle or ATV.
  15. GoingMobile

    Catalytic Heaters

    Does that run on Coleman fuel (white gas?) poured into a tank with a pump to pressurize like the old Coleman 2 burner stoves and lanterns?
  16. GoingMobile

    Is there a cheap version of a gasoline heater that can be used at high altitude?

    I think the bulk of the heaters they make are Diesel, so they may re-use text that covers both at times. But they definitely make one that runs on gasoline or as they say in Europe, Petrol. It is a bit larger, higher output, than the Webasto model that runs on gasoline. Not sure how that effects...
  17. GoingMobile

    Is there a cheap version of a gasoline heater that can be used at high altitude?

    Planar / Autoterm makes a heater that runs on gasoline. Its not cheap but much less than the Webasto, which makes the premium air heater that runs on gasoline. Same low profile unit as the diesel heaters modeled after the German made Webasto / Espar heaters. Link to: Autoterm Air 4B-HA. It...
  18. GoingMobile

    Catalytic Heaters

    I currently live in Mississippi in the southeast US teaching at a university. A miserably hot and humid climate. For a large part of the year people run air conditioners. I've visited a few older houses built before AC. They have windows close to ground level to let in cooler air, high ceilings...
  19. GoingMobile

    Catalytic Heaters

    Thanks again for the replies, input. Still waiting on the propane hose I need to hook it up and try it. My two easy to open fresh air sources are my two roof vent fans. The front windows rolled down a bit too, but I usually have an insulated curtain separating the cab from the living space when...
  20. GoingMobile

    Mail Forwarder in New Mexico

    In May of 2023 I will be retiring and traveling in my converted Transit Van with the intention of eventually buying some property and settling in New Mexico. It will be at least a year or possibly more of traveling before I get to the second part. Even when I do decide on property I plan on...