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    emergency contact

    Sounds like you have a handle on what you were trying to accomplish.(y) Hopefully it'll now work as you desire, if/when the time comes to implement it? Unfortunately, our country's HIPPA laws stifle info sharing between hospitals and doctors, to the point of being dangerous in getting one's...
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    2017 Van versus 2006 Van

    Can't help on the warranty, as all manufacturers are different in exactly what they cover and the duration of time they cover. If you are not able to give a thorough body and drivetrain evaluation on a vehicle, find someone that can before you pull the trigger on anything. It would suck to buy...
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    2017 Van versus 2006 Van

    Since neither one likely come with a warranty, I'd err on the newer and lower mileage vehicle. As the old saying goes: "You either have payments or repair bills. Nobody rides for free" Best of luck in your decision...
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    Help Save Fairfield Lake State Park in Texas

    The state sold the land to a private developer. Good luck getting anything changed, there...
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    M going 2 order new Promaster

    Good choice jb. What engine options are avail in the model you're looking at? Something to consider if you ever plan on towing with it...
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    Share one weird/odd/unusual thing about yourself

    Was it Eddie Murphy that coined the phrase: "Stop yer grinnin' and drop yer linen"? Not a nudist, but highly admire the human, (female), body sans textiles. Weird thread that keeps getting resurrected every 2-3 years...
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    Dumb dog owners

    A personal injury lawyer would likely have taken your case to go after the negligent dog owner(s), if the town/city/county didn't treat dog biting seriously. Something to think about for future reference!?
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    How to avoid toxic people?

    Might cost a bit but start with an attorney. He/she will likely be able to give you answers about legally getting someone off your property without the court/sheriff intervention? Then might try air bnb? There really is no foolproof way to screen complete strangers without getting to know them...
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    Boat for sale La Paz, Mexico-1987 Hunter Legend 37ft US$63,000

    What are the two best days for a boat owner? A: The day he/she buys one, and the day it is sold! Best of luck on your sale, too!
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    Generator Box/Cage

    As suggested, hiding or disguising it are great ideas but a true, hardcore, POS thief is gonna find it if the time allows. Outside motion sensor cameras connected to your phone(s) could also help. Ring is supposedly coming out with a vehicle compatible system...
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    Car Shield?

    Most if not all of those extended warranty scammers have clauses in their "fine print" that let them off the hook in actually covering your vehicle if/when the unfortunate time comes to use it. "Buyer Beware" on these services...
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    Social security

    Not necessary to inform on temporary address change(s) unless you are or will be getting mailed checks. You might find it best to establish direct deposit with a nationwide bank, vs a local or local credit union. Just in case you need any bank services whilst traveling.
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    INTJohn's Winter Truk Livin' 4 '22-'23

    No veteran discount on the pass?
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    Ad inducement to sign in sux

    PC for me...
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    Ad inducement to sign in sux

    Not sure why we're seeing more ads? It's obviously an administrator searching for additional funding. The question is: Are the new adds needed for the day-to-day operating costs of the site, or is it for a sweet Christmas/all year-round financial bonus? Obviously, it's none of the general...
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    Gear For Sale For Sale JetBoil Half-Gen in Quartzsite

    Any consignment shops in Q? Maybe a craigslist or facebk ad? Good luck on your sale...
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    INTJohn's Winter Truk Livin' 4 '22-'23

    I'm extremely jealous of your Florida adventures, as I'm stuck in the snow belt this winter. Wonder what FL law is on those "abandoned" boats littering the shores there? Finder's keepers, or??? You'd think the towns where these hulks are lying in would want them cleaned up more quickly than...
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    INTJohn's Winter Truk Livin' 4 '22-'23

    Yup: Body of Christ For those of us stuck in less warm climates, maybe you can send some of that warmth our way??? Please jonny boi, Cancha do us a solid???
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    RIP Robert Clary...

    AKA Corporal Louie LeBeau from Hogan's Heroes fame at 96 years old. Damn good run in my opinion.
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    Why Dogs?

    /\...Yet, as risky as it may be, many folks actually travel with cats. I travel sans pet(s), as it much harder to accommodate an animal on the road in the event a mechanical situation occurs. Obviously YMMV...