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  1. akrvbob

    DYI: Vinyl Coated Polyester Bomb Proof Teepee Tent

    I’d love to shoot a video of making one of these—I’d be glad to buy all the material! Where are you located? Bob Wells
  2. akrvbob

    Finding Locations for Caravans

    I will be traveling in the next week looking for suitable locations for caravans. I will be covering areas of the Mohave National Preserve, Barstow, Mesquite, Baker, Pahrump, Goldfeild, and as far as Lake Mead and Oberton. I’m looking for areas or sites that would have camping suitable for...
  3. akrvbob


    I’m so sorry for your loss Mike. There many kinds of pain in life, but very few hurt as much as losing our furry buddies. As I’m sure you know, the ache lessens but never goes away. But I have found that the tears are slowly replaced with smiles at every though of our lost companion. Be well.
  4. akrvbob

    I'm in a Segment of CBS Sunday Morning

    Back in April a film crew from CBS Sunday Morning spent a weekend with me and shot a segment for the show. They just wrote me and told me it was scheduled for this Sunday Morning, this Sept 16, 2018. However, they also said that the hurricane could bounce it off so I'm not 100% sure it will run...
  5. akrvbob

    One or Two Camp with Bob at Sisters Or.

    Hey everyone, I'm doing a video shoot with a National film crew this weekend Sept 14-17, 2018  and at the last minute they asked if they could video me doing a video tour of a van.  I didn't plan on that so here at the last minute I'm looking for one or two people to camp with me and let me...
  6. akrvbob

    CARAVANS are Coming!!

    Hi everyone, just an update to let you know that the fall caravans are still in the works! As of now, I have recruited two caravan leaders who will lead one caravan each of 75 people. So far I have only planned them on BLM land because my experience with National Forest Service has been so...
  7. akrvbob

    Don't know what I don't know about the desert

    He desert is both an incredibly dangerous place, but also a magical, mystical place at the same time!!
  8. akrvbob

    Where is Dee now!

    See was at the last RTR and I shot an updated interview. She is doing well and has upgraded to a cargo trailer she tows with her car. She did a beautiful job on the conversion.
  9. akrvbob

    Best refrigeration methods

    OOOPS, sorry Cosmicgold, I didn’t remember it was your thread, when it is your thread you can change it any way you want. The main reason we are so tough on hijacking threads is it is rude to the original poster. If you took the time to ask a question/comment, it’s rude to steal it away from...
  10. akrvbob

    Ultra-Capacity Lithium Batteries

    AsphaltGypsy, there are two questions you have to answer about electricity if you are going to live in a car: 1) How will I get or create electricity? 2) How will I store that electricity so I can use it? The so-called solar “generators” use that word that makes you think they creat...
  11. akrvbob

    Ultra-Capacity Lithium Batteries

    I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to start now. I’ve said this too many times, now I’m going to start taking actions. If you don’t have the time/patience/ability to answer simple solar questions in a simple, complete way DO NOT ANSWER THEM. I’m not blaming you, it just isn’t a skill...
  12. akrvbob

    "Hybrid" used vehicle warning BEWARE, FOLKS!!!

    I can only speak about the Toyota Prius, and even then I’ve never owned one, just known many people who do. I totally disagree with this premise. I’ve never known anyone who actually owned one who didn’t rant and rave about how great it was. They may very well be the very best vehicle ever...
  13. akrvbob

    2 @295 watt panels in parallel

    I had a friend with a van just like yours and he mounted 2 Kyocera 315 watt panels on it and still had room for a Fantastic Fan. But, he had to mount them sideways so they hung over a bit. But it worked out good, so hopefully you will have enough room as well.
  14. akrvbob

    My Future Modular Cargo Trailer Kitchen

    It’s hard to tell from the pics, is it pretty strong/sturdy? Remember that the constant twisting and vibrations from driving is hard on things and you are looking at a pretty fair amount of weight on that unit.
  15. akrvbob

    Opinions and Regulations on Gray Water

    A whole issue you’ve left out is simple quantity, it’s one thing to use 2 gallons of water from a solar bag to shower, and another thing to dump 30 gallons out of your grey tank. The concentration is all-important. All liquid wastes I leave behind are scattered far and wide all around my...
  16. akrvbob

    Best refrigeration methods

    Folks, these are great points, but they really are off-topic. The question is what is the best refrigeration, and saying no refrigeration is okay, but then hijacking the thread and turning it into a list of foods that don’t need refrigeration is not. Easy problem to solve!! Go start your own...
  17. akrvbob

    Van towing a trailer, any regrets?

    I lived in a 6x10 cargo trailer and towed it with my van. I got rid of it because it hindered my back-road travels too much. I want to explore, and with a trailer I can’t just head down a “road” and see what’s down there. Why? In the National Forests, the roads I want to go down all get...
  18. akrvbob

    Battery charger

    I just posted a video today that I hope will help a lot of people with super simple and super cheap systems: It won’t run your laptop but it sounds like it would take you a long ways. But, for more advanced needs and for someone on a super tight budget I say keep it as simple as possible so...
  19. akrvbob

    Here is my electricity plan, feedback needed!

    I’d mount the largest single panel on your roof you can fit. Often it will cost you very little more because the price per watt of big panels is much lower than small panels. But, it will probably mean getting an MPPT controller, Buy a Ecoworthy or Victron for about $100 and their...
  20. akrvbob

    This suddenly didn't make sense to me

    I deleted three posts that were 100% off topic and pure politics. You guys and gals know better than that!! At least one of those posts I agreed with 100%, but that is not the point, at this forum we don’t talk politics and we stay on topic. Any further off-topic posts will be deleted...