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    OREGON '23...............Postcards from the Road

    Maybe some modern vehicles with extensive underside body work to make them more aerodynamic and fuel efficient, might prevent rodents from easy access, but vermin can squeeze through some very tight places. If the vehicle was running very hot right before parking, opening the hood would be a...
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    What are you doing today?!

    Not just a fox. Wikipedia Reynard the Fox is a literary cycle of medieval allegorical Dutch, English, French and German fables.
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    My awesome Minivan-RV build, as shown in pictures!

    Blue Sea components are designed for marine environments. Where an electrical failure can have very bad consequences. No roadside assistance a cell phone call away. Perhaps the connected wiring was faulty or inadequate for purpose. Or the current draw was greater than specification.
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    OREGON '23...............Postcards from the Road

    That there's a good reason for using non lethal sticky traps. Death occurs at a throwing distance and at a later time. Do wild vermin deserve humane treatment? They are neither pets nor service animals. Lab rats serve a purpose. Side note: California asks about firewood, plants, fruits, and...
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    Wages and Unions - moved from: Things to do to keep feeling "normal" while living out of your van?

    At the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, the US Dollar was designated as The World Reserve Currency with the stipulation that each USD would be backed by physical gold held in reserve. Nations had to borrow USD to rebuild, creating a demand for USD that raised the value of USD. So, yes, USA did...
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    OREGON '23...............Postcards from the Road

    By the way, I encountered a couple of Coconino NF's "Blue Ridge Hotshots" vehicles in Tonopah headed south on US-95, earlier this week. Today in Goldfield the rest of the group hit the Goldfield Visitor Center for a potty break, while I was parked there. Easy guess as to where they had been...
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    OREGON '23...............Postcards from the Road

    Sticky glue traps are silent, but not deadly, leaving one with a moral dilemma as to the method of actual execution of the vermin. [Brand name: "Tomcat", available at Raley's in Tonopah, Nevada.] The magic cat piss had washed off, a hurricane will do that.
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    Nature Lover and friends keep in touch

    SSD's are also faster to boot with no mechanical parts, and much cheaper now.
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    Things to do to keep feeling "normal" while living out of your van?

    I used a 1/2" wide rubber band on my wrist whenever I would rehash some negative event back in the past that cannot be changed. In less than a week that stopped those recurring thoughts. Cheap therapy.
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    Shore power ground???

    All USA made AC electrical boxes and parts, etc. are manufactured to NEMA standards. It's not like trying to mount a Chevy carburetor on a Ford engine. Hint: you tubers are not always the brightest bulbs.
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    12v electric stove OR Rice Cooker in a Minivan with a 12v freezer & 12v fridge for a healthy diet power requirements?

    I also stick with the 600W setting on my Nuwave. I prefer to use my Aroma rice cooker, as it draws only 290-340W in "cook" mode.
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    The discrimination of the van Life community in America

    I get stopped every time I enter California. At an California AG inspection station, usually either at Winterhaven (I-8), Vidal Junction (US-95), or Benton (US-6). A few years ago I traveled through SoCal heading to Barstow to pickup I-15, and that AG station had sniffer dogs and automatic...
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    60% chance that the forecast was sarcasm. What device can record "0.001 inch" of rain? In lower Nevada, 0.01 inch is not even noticeable neither on the ground, nor in the air.
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    Dome fans - converting exhaust to intake

    Look around more, there are reversible fans out there. Some less expensive than the fancy name brands. What size roof opening? 11" or 14"?
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    Converting RV to solar

    Progressive Dynamics manufactures drop in replacements for older converter-charger units. I replaced an ancient Magna-tek unit that only trickle (3A) charged the batteries, with an intelligent Progressive Dynamics 45A unit that does equalization with the press of a button.
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    Best states for "Home Address" for car registration, driver's license, mailing address, low taxes, and remote working online & taxes?

    The issue in South Dakota is about who can create and sign petitions to place local issues on a ballot. It isn't about the right to vote in an election. The citizens who live there full time, don't want people who don't live full time there, affecting their quality of life, a reasonable...
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    Upgrading refrigerator condenser fan, worthwhile modification?

    I do the same thing with an Endless Breeze. I prop it up on the dinette seat closest to my Whynter 45qt, when it needs some help cooling off. Doesn't need to run very long.
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    Family Hoping for Advice on this Class B

    Ford has a history of designing problem plagued engines. Makes one wonder "What were they thinking (or smoking)?" Enough issues, recalls, complaints, and they stop manufacturing those engines.
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    40 small U.S. towns worth visiting

    Da Yoopers, eh. Michigan's Thumb is another "special" place. Midland is the home of Dow Chemical, and a certain colored agent. Flint has an outstanding Youth Symphony. Just don't drink the tap water.
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    OREGON '23...............Postcards from the Road

    Cat piss. Courtesy of the feral feline population at my home base RV park. They piss on the front tires, and I observe no rodent activity everywhere I go. Somebody should make spray bottles of the stuff, it's natural you know.