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    God Help Me!!!

    Not a darn thing wrong with you.....far from a failure, idiot and loser on this one....cut yourself a bit break here please :) Yes you may need a bigger vehicle if you feel you were trapped in a small one. It just shows it might be time to consider what you do need to be on the road more...
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    HA SO true. Bob does show a bit of the other side but of course most are 'how well' one does in this lifestyle, especially if forced thru life circumstances so that is always a good thing!! Good post!!
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    Seriously, so you want to be in love again...

    And even the creatures that do pair and mate for life occasionally have flings on the side and some, like the wolf, waste little time finding a new mate if their old one dies or can no longer sexually perform. plus: They re-mate when a partner dies; how quickly this happens depends on the...
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    Wells ain't all the vids out there LOL plus remember those who 'post real life on the road' and their personal issues with shows the crap side of van life which many 'should see' and it is valuable info out there for sure. So those who put all things thru Wells vids don't see it...
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    Looking to get a hightop installed.

    I goggled NC companies to install high top on van and got alot of hits. Key is you need to find an NC high performance truck/van company that can easily do this and they are here for sure. I live in NC. We had a great company we bought our cattle/horse trailers from that also did 'extra...
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    Your ideal kit list for living in a small space on the move

    Key diff without having to worry about sensitivity is that you stated TRUE FACT on the product. It ain't rude sounding at all IF THE facts are just that, real facts :) :) You got this good fact info, yea post it for sure, will help another in determining best purchase power for what they...
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    Your ideal kit list for living in a small space on the move

    I get the anxiety on this one :) :) You own it, paid for it, NOW ya wanna ditch it but might regret it and need it later and then have to PAY for it again!!!! Crazy annoying thoughts truly. Just think how you function. What use for what items? You use it alot ya keep it. You 'rarely' touch...
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    Van Living Forum decal

    lets show a bucket and poop bag too :cool::love::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Van Living Forum decal

    No human and their desired pet 'just camping' ----ugh I find it as a bad representation of the spirit of what this is about. But I did not have a long time to think about it no great changes to make other than what is 'camping decal' won't ever respresent what van living is about in my...
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    Also if one googles 'what to do when cell phone gets too hot' there are reasons like charger could be bad or alot of issues on this to cool it is never just the answer. It is mechanical, it is tech issues, it could be easily some of this, not to throw it in some fridge...
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    YUP! This! Don't lay it flat....the back area must have air circulation, makes a world of diff. on heat issues with phones. You nailed it :) Cells don't require a fridge HAHA :)
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    absolutely agree with your point here!! Isn't it nice to be told on how you should speak to them, how you should chat with others? apparently you aren't doing it right? You need a lesson to be better, listen up now! :eek::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Anyone ever park for free at a fee based campground?

    yea west coast thing? never saw that in my east coast into mid america areas I do. coin operated showers? huh--kinda like a drive thru car wash maybe? can ya add a quarter and get soap sprayed on ya :) :)
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    RV park life, is it affordable for low income?

    if you truly want a cheaper monthly rv rent, you won't probably be staying in the cg's that put a hardcore 'no old ugly' campers permitted! :) Plus keep your rv looking decent you can easily be accepted into those rv parks that heavily vet the occupants if required. This usually is not that...
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    Time for a Replacement Van. Struggling...

    Unfortunately I sure don't fall into that first line ya wrote :) :) I find older I get my impatience is worse as in I have patience for issues that I feel are adding to my life, but sure have none like waiting in a repair shop for days on end when they have to order the part or even have the...
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    Time for a Replacement Van. Struggling...

    this stage of life? I hear ya on that one :) If you are more interested in a Class B and you found one you do like, it could easily be a step forward for you. Key to me on the whole thing is what is your future time on the road? If you are sparingly out there and driving on trips is way...
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    Anyone ever park for free at a fee based campground?

    we were in a more isolated area getting late with 'no big parking lot' to stop or anything but we hit a small park with a Ranger and asked if they had any type of short term parking just to sleep/be off the road a bit and he said the park didn't offer it, but he said go back the way ya came...
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    Pirate Camp Winter Season 2022-23

    I also have followed them back in the day. I found this post very relaxing and a great check in for me about this adventure they live. good post. thx.
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    Newbie needs sage advice!

    Welcome! Key to me when presented with these options is HOW DO you wanna 'live' in that are you wanting to camp somewhere and 'then explore where you require a vehicle' to go to stores, sight see to parks, or any venues like museums and more that suit you? Key to it all is DO YOU need a side...
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    Homelessness [split from Leadville and Salida Ranger Districts]

    I googled it and it is on an individual basis on what facilities 'can rent' due to zoning issues and just their policy etc. But I saw many still do rent/provide rooms etc. Interesting on that one.