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  1. Quinn

    Want to Buy High Top Van ASAP

    I (and many others probably), can only hope you are right.
  2. Quinn

    Would you be comfortable overnighting on a road like this?

    Yes, AVOID having your license plate recorded as part of an undesirable situation. If "something" happens you don't want to be on record as someone who was questioned. At all costs look like someone who doesn't live in their vehicle and if found in your vehicle at night look like someone who is...
  3. Quinn

    Vandweller Chatroom (Closing)

    That's quite a story! Thanks for sharing
  4. Quinn

    Want to Buy High Top Van ASAP

    a year ago I purchased the shortest and weakest of the Ford Transits ... a 2019 Ford Transit 150 Short Wheel Base PASSENGER VAN (10 seats total, incl front) with 15k miles, for $33k. Just looking at advertised prices online It appears as though I could prob sell it for $10k MORE now with 23k miles.
  5. Quinn

    Want to Buy High Top Van ASAP

    Agreed - not the best time. Possibly the worst time for buying pre-owned vehicles so far. Does anyone anticipate it improving, what is the prognosis for the future?
  6. Quinn

    How does dating work in the nomad World?

    I have been confounded that society has been brainwashed into thinking advancement is turning single women into people who are expected to provide a service which men used to pay for and society used to frown upon. If anyone thinks this is coincidental, including that porn is being pushed onto...
  7. Quinn

    How does dating work in the nomad World?

    😆 or. ..."do you like hot springs?"
  8. Quinn

    we need a dating site

    Agreed. Better to keep things very simple. Frienship is the foundation of everything. It can get very awkward if someone approaches another someone with their hopes on their sleeve and it is not reciprocated. We have all been on both sides of that equation. Best to avoid such stress. Even the...
  9. Quinn

    When Vans Get Stolen

    What an ordeal! That people get awau with this, but you won!
  10. Quinn

    When Vans Get Stolen

    Hi MsKradel , This topic came up under new but now I see it is 3 years later after the disappointing event of your van being stolen. Did you end up selling it, did you get a new rig? Vanlifer of 37 years deserves respect!. Can't wait to hear how things are in 2022. 👋🌴 ope Wish you a great day
  11. Quinn

    Driving with anxiety

    I must have anxiety too I can"t even imagine such a trip. But if you need inspiration, you might be VERY pleased once you reach CA. If you are coming thru AZ you can go to Mount Laguna, and camp in the campground s night and hike around. Then go to nearby Cuyamaca /Paso Picacho. Julian maybe...
  12. Quinn

    Car Market is INSANE Now!

    Hey if you are going to live in a blue suede shoe....the only thing to call it ELVIS 👍👍! Congratulation$!
  13. Quinn

    Car Market is INSANE Now!

  14. Quinn

    Car Market is INSANE Now!

    Agreed. You are soooo right. End 2021 I sold my friend's 2010 50k 4WD Toyota tacoma for $18.5k. I think that is above book had extras though, an after market almost $2k radio upgrade and same with tyres. It was in great shape but had several cosmetic flaws (sold on Craigslist). I ALSO...
  15. Quinn

    What is The Most Fuel Efficient Cargo Van?

    Omg i have a Ford Transit 150 short body medium roof passenger and i get only 16/17mpg. Maybe 18 on a slight downhill Why??
  16. Quinn

    24/7 Chat About Anything

    Maybe you can make it an event with stops, explorations, a snack, pictures, video 🦄. Stay safe.
  17. Quinn

    Ride share from NW to Quartzsite/Yuma soon?

    Good luck. You could also post a comment on Bob's latest videos as they come out. Hopefully you hear from someone. If not....there CraigsList
  18. Quinn

    do LTVAs require black water holding tanks in your vehicle?

    Good to know. Thankx for sharing. I can see how that requirement makes sens 😁
  19. Quinn

    Hello from Caravan Carolyn!

    I gave Parker a bit 'foundation' to match his face skintone to Macy's ?