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  1. DLTooley

    Heating AND one 'box'?

    Heat pumps can both heat and cool, basically it's an air conditioner that can run in reverse. I installed one in my S&B 2009, there now models that are efficient at even lower temperatures. I am not aware of a specific model for mobile use, but people have tried it. The power needs are still...
  2. DLTooley

    Hey All

    Colorado allows, by right, composting toilet systems in most rural areas. I would hope more jurisdictions in other States would allow these.
  3. DLTooley


    I was quite the library regular before cellular internet. Each library is a window onto its particular community, they are all great. I do remember some sort of issues with the Cedar City library, but I don't recall the details. Sedona, Moab, Durango, Bayfield, Telluride, Mancos, and Dolores...
  4. DLTooley

    Illegal Obstruction of Public Land Access

    It seems to me that budgets are focused on jobs, with very little funds to actually do anything with the job. Likely you can easily get your job axed if you try to change the situation. There does seem to be plenty of money for Law Enforcement though, with non-productive priorities.
  5. DLTooley

    Illegal Obstruction of Public Land Access

    I've seen Forest Service gates closed legally that had that private game reserve effect, the one I remember was south of Pagosa Springs in SW Colorado. On Arizona State Land Trust Land I've seen in North of Tucson, by the leasing Rancher. I didn't challenge it, or research it further. I...
  6. DLTooley

    Illegal Obstruction of Public Land Access

    What I recall seeing frequently are signs that attempt to imply an area is private property, most common is a private property sign on the side of the road. That side may well be private, but per the DeLorme Topographic Atlas the other side is not. The road is almost always never private.
  7. DLTooley

    Seriously, so you want to be in love again...

    Never sell your rig!
  8. DLTooley

    Illegal Obstruction of Public Land Access

    The Backcountry Hunters and Anglers are quoted in this article. I'm acquainted with them in Western Colorado, great folks.
  9. DLTooley

    Cheap solar panels...but are they worth it?

    I'll throw in with SanTan as well. That awesome pricing though is based on pickup and no delivery. The Phoenix location makes that easy in season. I've always had good luck with daytime, not rush hour traffic. I believe the timing of Phoenix's development allowed for integrated planning and...
  10. DLTooley

    DIY Truck Camper For short bed Tacoma

    I used ALS, Advanced Liner System, on my truck/canopy job. The only issues in use were where I failed in the prep - however the product was extremely difficult to work with, setting up very quickly even with reduced catalyst in cool temps. I can't imagine using a spray gun to apply it. I've...
  11. DLTooley

    Selling an RV; a "heads-up" tale

    I like going to the DMV with the seller and to finalize the sale with the clerk.
  12. DLTooley

    Question about solar generators.

    I use a smaller power station as a power backup, just one night. Because of the dynamics of solar a generator is a great backup for poor weather. The generator can quickly do the bulk of the charging leaving the ‘long tail’ to the solar. This is also why a stand alone generator is a bad...
  13. DLTooley

    what's the futur for gasoline van/RV/camper

    I’ve just upgraded to a full size pickup, in part due reliability issues on older vehicles. It is unfortunately only two wheel drive and has less off road capability than my high clearance compact truck. I however drive as little as possible. I love the extra room, and it also helps with the...
  14. DLTooley

    what's the futur for gasoline van/RV/camper

    Likely there will be a time when petroleum based vehicles will get cheap as electric becomes dominant. There is something to be said for the benefits of recycling that old tech as part of the transition, especially if you are not a high mileage driver. Converting from gas to electric is...
  15. DLTooley

    USA Eclipses: Oct 2023 and April 2024

    Yeah, no go on Big Bend but it would definitely be on the route if you wanted to view in Texas. In Mexico Mazatlan looks like the spot. If one was doing Baja there is a ferry that runs from La Paz. I would however book accommodations ASAP.
  16. DLTooley

    I wonder if there's some way to fill this need

    I’ve faced this situation, but I don’t see a solution. I would however be willing to volunteer for a fellow nomad, schedule and location permitting. Bigger picture, the home aides mentioned are common, but not in the nomad community. This would seem to be a good opportunity for income for...
  17. DLTooley

    Homelessness [split from Leadville and Salida Ranger Districts]

    Do consider this, big picture every dollar spent on building affordable housing is coming from deficit spending and going to owners of land. Not buildings, but the land. I have no objection for an individual owning their own residence or business, but corporate ownership and similar is rife...
  18. DLTooley

    Homelessness [split from Leadville and Salida Ranger Districts]

    That doesn’t mean ‘they’ won’t make an attempt with Social Media. It wouldn’t work with older folks, who knows what success they are already having with younger folks.
  19. DLTooley

    Homelessness [split from Leadville and Salida Ranger Districts]

    For me that should be the distinction between problem homelessness and nomadism, whether the garbage is picked up. Most places away from urban areas the garbage dumps are locals.
  20. DLTooley

    Newbie needs sage advice!

    I love sleeping in my truck! Just starting out simple and checking out what others are doing on the paths you want to roam is the best way to figure out what you want. There are also events focused on helping folks set up their rigs called Van Builds. Typically these are winter time in...