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    Question about diesel heaters

    for those considering the "all in one" deals. be warned and extra cautious there have been several reports that some of the "kits" are mis represented and are just an add on that does not include the heater. make sure you read the fine print that the actual heater unit is included also, with...
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    What’s causing these van /trailer fires?

    as broke van dwelles trying to live in 20(+) year old rigs one of the best things i can recommend is going back to school. this is a DIY life, most of us can not afford to pay someone for every little thing. we need to become self sufficient and learn how to care for our rigs and equipment...
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    Has anyone tried one of these Chinese Diesel Parking Heaters?

    making accusations claiming the use of these heaters is some how any more dangerous than a buddy heater is pretty irresponsible and unsupported. these units have been demonstrated time and time again to burn damn clean when set up according to the instructions. also, these units direct the...
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    What's the big deal with a diesel?

    i find that hard to believe, certainly not in any application i have been around for example, 2015 vw jetta. same car gas vs diesel if you look at the 2 liter gas vs the 2 liter diesel both with 6 speed manual i see maybe a...
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    Has anyone tried one of these Chinese Diesel Parking Heaters?

    do you have a link to where you read that. i cant seam to find that info thanks
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    Auto Zone lends tools!

    some NAPA and car quests also loan tools. most of the main stream parts stores that offer a tool loan program seam to offer lots of specialty tool you might only need on occasion. not sure what they offer as far as basic wrench or socket sets, never had the need. but the loan program has...
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    Has anyone tried one of these Chinese Diesel Parking Heaters?

    almost all forced air furnaces go through a start up/shut down series of events. has nothing to do with the ability of operating on a thermostat. thanks for the link never said non vented heaters couldnt have thermostatic controls as far as the wave 3 vs a parking heater. keep in mind the...
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    Can I pull the fuse between the controller and panel?

    if you disconnect at night you could even disconnect the MC4s and there would be no issue. once disconnected so the circuit is no longer complete there can be no flow of current. the panels are not receiving a charge, they if in the sun will produce max volts but there will be no current flow...
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    What's the big deal with a diesel?

    are you asking if diesel is worth it or if sprinters are worth it. 2 very different things if we are just talking diesel there are plusses and minuses on both. you have to look at how you plan to use it and what you expect. then you need to study up on the pros and cons before deciding what is...
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    Has anyone tried one of these Chinese Diesel Parking Heaters?

    if it had a thermostat to reduce to the lowest setting there is no reason it could not just shut off. that does not make sense? yes, there are a couple vented propane heaters out there that do have thermostatic control the wave 3 is not even comparable to the parking heaters. one is vented...
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    Can I pull the fuse between the controller and panel?

    ya, most controllers do not like being disconnected while there is power coming in. most controller specifically state to disconnect solar input first, and hook up last
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    Nomadic Enigmatics' 2019 van build dates announced

    not only do people need to pay attention to the "conversion" parts, but general maintenance and basic road ready safety. a bad wheel bearing or dragging break can cause a fire. continuing to drive with one tire on a dual wheel very low or flat, that tire can get hot enough to ignite. changing...
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    how many miles are to many when buying used ?

    i think there are way too many variables to consider to just out of hand dismiss a rig because of the number of miles too much depends on how well the rig was cared for and if big milestone problems have been handled like engines or transmissions it also depends greatly on the specific make...
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    Pop-up into lightweight full camper

    have you checked out foamies might find something there that might be helpfull
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    Mexico murders

    wow, smuggling a gun into a foreign country that has draconian laws against foreigners with guns just to save some on meds? just wow. i am glad it didnt come back to bite you in the butt. i am curious, with how bad it was then (pre 200). how many times did you have to use your gun to protect...
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    My van has a generator....2000w heater?

    i dont recommend it. counting on starting a generator in the middle of the night to run the heater a bit will likely be just a hassle. not to mention the chance of really alienating anyone camping around you. many camp areas and campgrounds have quiet times that do not permit running the...
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    Is it OK to keep charging when the LiFePo4 battery is 100% charged?

    while some of the things mentioned are possible. they are just wild guesses at this point. you want to start isolating where the trouble is. so you are not chasing ghosts. simplest way to do that is test charger on another battery. if problem follows charger then figure out how to deal with the...
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    Nomadic Enigmatics' 2019 van build dates announced

    she is very lucky to have had it happen there if it had to happen. couldnt be surrounded by a better group at a time like this hopefully the publicity will make others aware of the dangers and prevent some future disasters
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    What’s causing these van /trailer fires?

    as previously stated, lots of reasons for things to catch on fire in autos and RVs. now throw in the DIY van dweller and many of the "conversions" out there are veritable death traps the vast majority of new DIY people are jumping on a project cabable of burning their rig to the ground with...
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    Can I pull the fuse between the controller and panel?

    yes, physically pulling the fuse is an acceptable way to disconnect the panel. best practice is to reduce current and voltage as much as possible through fuse before pulling. the issue is that as you make or break a dc connection the dc current does not like to be interrupted and will arc. the...