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  1. VanDude

    Wanted: Short Term Rental Garage for Van Conversion in the Northeast USA

    I wish you success sir...and I like your spirit!
  2. VanDude

    Wanted: Short Term Rental Garage for Van Conversion in the Northeast USA

    What about the possibility of using a large tent as a work space and then the only problem is finding a park...or parking lot and having charged up portable power tools? ( You're welcome also 🤠)
  3. VanDude

    Wanted: Short Term Rental Garage for Van Conversion in the Northeast USA

    Maybe the Nomads that still has bricks and sticks in different parts of the country are willing to let someone on this thread use their driveway and garage?....
  4. VanDude

    Pirate Camp Winter Season 2022-23

    I find that If your product is from a Chinese company there's a good chance that it's a scam. Amazon does little to address these issues. I have gotten squeezed twice once on a Facebook fake product also. Now I just try to shop at my go to stores. Menards and Walmart. Amazon says it's arriving...
  5. VanDude

    How did you end up on the road, and why are you still here?

    Very inspiring...I have done what society expected of me and spent a chunk of my life fixing up an old house that my late Mom bought with Dads insurance money. My brothers refused to help and wanted to ' help' on their terms. I'm done with organized religion....all this moral snitching. So this...
  6. VanDude

    Hey Y'all!

  7. VanDude

    Hey Y'all!

    Hello -there from Michigan! And welcome. It struck a cord when you mentioned your wife going through stage 4 kidney disease. I had to experience that process also. I hated dialysis but managed the life saving procedure -then I heard about an alternative treatment that you do at home yourself...
  8. VanDude

    Obamacare, (ACA), stress test

    Good to hear another perspective,so sorry it wasn't as positive as the other story. But that's the thing about being connected to everyone here on this forum- it's informative , inspiring and life changing. We are all connected to the van -a box on wheels...some of us are forced into it and some...
  9. VanDude

    I've been a member for some time.....but.........

    I really enjoyed reading this .it has a very calming effect on me. I think you would make a great writer. I look forward to your next post to see the lastest.( I'm retired and paint most of the time as an artist. Own my home. I haven't did the Nomad thing fulltime yet but identify with this nice...
  10. VanDude

    Stranded you're in bad health,it does sound kind of fishy. Thanks for the comment/ insight.
  11. VanDude

    24/7 Chat About Anything

    Not being married is the key!
  12. VanDude

    Don't trust biodegradable poop bags!

    Good old brown paper bags... To the rescue heavy duty of course!
  13. VanDude

    Don't trust biodegradable poop bags!

    I wonder about 2 paper bags doubled instead of plastic?.. Amazon has a lot of different kinds in bulk...100 for $39 etc etc
  14. VanDude

    Squatters taken over my new home, need to backyard vanlife?

    I would buy a used camper van. Hmmm would you be willing to travel to Michigan by train or Greyhound or fly? There's plenty of finished camper vans for sell here... starting at 5 grand and up complete with toliet/ shower/microwave/ fridge/bed.
  15. VanDude

    America's Campers and Vagabonds

    I always thought stealth meant you had a cloaking device on your Klingon vessel!
  16. VanDude

    Any City Of Detroit Retirees out there?

    Just wondering how many of us hit the road because of the 2013 bankruptcy?
  17. VanDude

    My lastest update