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  1. Geneeus

    Metal and rubber sealing strip that covers seam between top of van and fiberglass hightop

    Hi, I have a 1994 Ford E150 with a fiberglass top. I have notice a few spots where the rubber has pulled away from the metal strip that is supposed to hold it in place, and I would like to replace the metal strip and the rubber strip. Does anyone know a source? Thank you in advande, Geneeus
  2. Geneeus

    Has anyone ever used frosted glass on their windows instead of a black fabric?

    Maybe a helpful link.... There is information about every state, along with information regarding moving between states which have dissimilar laws.
  3. Geneeus

    the costs of my self build camper

    Want to keep the costs and labor down? Do what so many have suggested on this forum. Start out with the absolute bare essentials such as a place to sleep, and a receptacle for your waste. (Yes, those wastes.) Add items as needed, following the excellent reviews posted here. Even to the minor...
  4. Geneeus

    Amazon - No Longer Useful

    Because I order items for my part-time job as well as for myself, I'm a Prime member. I probably order 30 to 40 items a month for a total of 10 to 12 shipments. Never had a problem except with two orders which were not Amazon stock. Been doing this for 3 years.
  5. Geneeus

    Colorado US Forest Service - Leadville and Salida Ranger Districts - Request for comment

    Thank you very much for the individual responses that you took the time to write. Too often, responses are generally nature with little either experience or knowledge to support them. Your post was very valuable
  6. Geneeus

    Social security

    Well, I live in Northern California, and I can tell you there exists a huge population here that chooses to live in "poverty." They have been give the option to receive training, and aid in getting employment, and they refuse. They have been give free housing either in mini-homes, trailers, or...
  7. Geneeus

    Gear For Sale 2 Official Ford Video Service Manuals - Dave Graham Publications 1994 and 1995 editions

    Hi, I have the following service manuals on CD. They are officially licensed by Ford Motor Company. I paid about $45 for each one, and ordered the wrong one each time. These CD's contain all of the PDF files needed to service these models. The files can be loaded onto a smartphone, computer...
  8. Geneeus

    24/7 Chat About Anything

    I found out about Anytime Mailbox on this forum, in a thread for domiciling in another state. They email me when mail arrives, will open it, scan it, and forward it (any or all of these things) at my request. They have been absolutely wonderful.
  9. Geneeus

    Escort service ?

    I thought the big three was sex, drugs, and rock & roll?
  10. Geneeus

    How do u live on $700/month, truly?

    Someone recently posted and mentioned Smugglers Roost, in Animas, NM. They have 50 amp hookups, and the various rates are here: I spoke to Gene at the location and he was very friendly and helpful.. I look to spend some time there soon.
  11. Geneeus

    How do u live on $700/month, truly?

    two years ago I spent two months in Mulege on the beaches and typically paid a few dollars per night. No internet, no hookups, but who cares? Didn't need heat or a/c, plenty of sunshine for my solar panels, and town was a short drive away. several times a day, a little caravan of cars and...
  12. Geneeus

    That word "stealth"

    You wouldn't mind the world if you were prey, or if you were in the military. In both cases, it's a case of life, or injury or death. If we start changing the name of things, it make searching for information that much more complex. If someone heard the term "stealth camping" and wanted to...
  13. Geneeus

    Running CPAP on DC, need help

    I have a Respirex unit, and a 12 volt power supply for it. Using an inverter to change 12 volts to 110 volt ac is very inefficient, especially with the cheaper units found on Amazon and Ebay. This unit converts 12 volts to 18 or 24 volts (I don't remember which) using a more efficient method...
  14. Geneeus

    Pirate Camp Winter Season 2022-23

    Could be worse; could be snowshoes..... Rain ain't great, but at least you don't have to shovel it! <grin>
  15. Geneeus

    #1, #2, and vinegar

    Hi, Some time ago I read a great tip on this site (One of many!!) about the use of vinegar to kill the smell of urine (#1, pee, whatever) . Because I am often camped near lakes, I added vinegar to a 5 gallon container and NO objectionable odor. 10 days later, I can open the container without...
  16. Geneeus

    Public land access app

    The purpose of the post was not to list public lands in the United States. Instead, it had a two-fold focus: 1. To bring up the issue of access denial by private land owners 2. To introduce an app which can help van-lifers access publicly-owned land without running into difficulties with...
  17. Geneeus

    Public land access app

    Hi, This is a shortcut to a New York Times article concerning loss of access to public lands, a lawsuit, and an app which can help find not only public lands, but access points to keep us out of trouble...
  18. Geneeus

    1 pair of socks – 18 crates

    For what it's worth, I have tried lots of systems, but most of them take up too much floor space in my van. My current van came with a clothes rod in the rear that goes from passenger side all the way to the drivers side. So I went on amanzon and bought a bunch of cloth grocery bags, put...
  19. Geneeus

    Roof rack for extended roof

    Hi there, I have a 1994 Ford E-150 that was converted by Sharrad. It includes a fiberglass top, and that's where my trouble begins. I need to mount a couple of 200-watt solar panels that I have from a previous build, but I don't have a lot of confidence in the strength of the fiberglass top...
  20. Geneeus

    sidewall mount for vent fan

    Hi, Is there any reason why a roof vent fan couldn't or shouldn't be mounted on the side of a van up near the roof? I plan on having solar panels covering much of the roof, and this would make life a lot easier.... Thanks