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  1. J

    What size battery do I need for a portable solar panel?

    Keep it simple go to Walmart, buy there 29 group marine battery $100.00, keep it charged when not in use.
  2. J

    Chevy Electrical Puzzle

    Remove negative battery cable put amp meter leads 1 on battery and 1 on cable will show amps being pulled from battery if less than 1/2 amp battery is bad or not getting recharged. If 1 amp or more disconnect amp meter and remove wires from alternator reconnect amp meter and check for amp draw...
  3. J

    small battery box

    Very neat and does task intended.
  4. J

    Morningstar Webinar

    Just now listen to recording, very good info.
  5. J

    Solar Panel Cleaning

    Put some ammonia on panel frame or ground near the spot as possible it will stop him.
  6. J

    rear end whine (new to me van)

    Nut on end of pinion shaft (behind u joint) may be loose causing seal to leak and ring and pinion to not mesh properly. Torque on nut is (guessing) 200 ft. lbs or more check specs. If loose clean threads and torque using Loctite on threads.
  7. J

    Will anyone have a DRONE at RTR?

    I would suggest a second battery, you can only fly 25 minutes max per charge and that is cutting it close. Then you would have to wait a hour or more while battery is charging.