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  1. LostlnTransit

    Traded One Connect For Another.. The Adventure Continues

    I know most of you are trying to save room within the interior of your van, But here's one thing we did to get rid of the heavy full size spare tire. We've hated how the spare was mounted under the rear of the van, so we had Discount Tire drop the spare and remove the cabling system. This meant...
  2. LostlnTransit

    Traded One Connect For Another.. The Adventure Continues

    Here's a few other things we've had to deal with over the last few years.. I was told or heard through the grape vine that the Ford Focus shares parts with the Connect. So in order to find out. We were invited to Hotchkis racing in the heart of NASCAR country. Once there we test fitted Hotchkis...
  3. LostlnTransit

    Traded One Connect For Another.. The Adventure Continues

    So how long has it been? well here's what's been happening since my last visit. The van is coming along nicely but slow. main reason is because it's very difficult to locate parts for the Connect here in the states. I've had better luck searching in UK. In fact the van went from16'', to 17'' and...
  4. LostlnTransit


    To anyone who might consider the airbnb type sites, your chances of being filmed/video taped is greater while using an airbnb dwelling than it is staying at a hotel. So unless you like to have big brother watching you, by all means stay in some strangers home..
  5. LostlnTransit

    Gear For Sale Viair Braided 30ft Extension Hose (Male - Female Coupler)

    New, 30ft Viair Braided Male to Female Extension Hose with it's own black Viair carry case. $45.00 USD Free Shipping Amazon Gift Card, Money Order Accepted, Send Cash at Your Own Risk, No Personal Checks Amazon Gift Card Must Clear before item has been shipped. If you have a larger van and the...
  6. LostlnTransit

    Vehicle For Sale Selling my van

    The objective here, is to NOT buy someone else mistake when you buy used. start clean and that's what we did. Plus we have too much involved in this right now to stop. We're keeping this van. So even if a dealership or private buyers offers us 3x, 4x or even 5x as much, we're still not selling...
  7. LostlnTransit

    Huge insurance rate increase with Geico in MN

    I've made this warning months ago on the Connect forums. We learn that our insurance company listed us (without us knowing) as being handicapped, retired and out van listed as "commercial use only". Because our insurance company decided to do their own thing without us knowing, this sent our...
  8. LostlnTransit


    With the hidden sites we've been using, we've been pleasantly surprised thus they will remain hidden. other sites, no so pleasant and we've gotten a refunds right away afterward. Out of the sites we've used, less than 2% are actuate to what is posted on the hipcamp site. because of these...
  9. LostlnTransit


    Want a real challenge? then try a Holga120n toy camera which requires 120 medium format film. Holga120N / Tri-x 400 / 20sec Exposure / 3D Printed Shutter Release Cable Adapter / Vintage Velbon Tripod Image: Barn at 12 Ridges Vineyard / Mile Post 25 / Blue Ridge Parkway
  10. LostlnTransit

    Nature Lover and friends keep in touch

    You're map is showing a route we drove 2 years ago and driving through the plans states was difficult because of the high winds. We had to stop several times in our little van and even while sitting still the wind can get dangerous. Depending on the seasons, I'd head more north along the Canada...
  11. LostlnTransit


    FYI, We've been using the Hipcamp app for some time now and although many of these places are merely located in people's back yards, there is a few actual camp sites with flush toilets and showers. Those we've found worth of using again, will remain hidden and remain a secret. Find your site today.
  12. LostlnTransit

    Gear For Sale [FS] Dorman Premium Sway Bar End Links

    For Sale, Brand New, Never been open or out of the box. These were sent to my by Dorman Products in exchange for the broken Duralast Links that didn't fit on our 2020 Transit Connect. This is their Premium end links designed for the 2014-2021 Transit Connect as well as, Volvo, Mazda, Focus...
  13. LostlnTransit

    Vehicle For Sale Selling my van

    FYI: We got a letter in the mail last week from the dealership who sold us our van, we paid 19K for it new.. the letter goes on the read, that the dealership wants to buy back our van for.. ready for this.. 34k. Are we going to sell? Hell no I'm having to much fun with my "sleeper" sports car.
  14. LostlnTransit

    How do I keep windows from fogging up?
  15. LostlnTransit

    Traded One Connect For Another.. The Adventure Continues

    @Debrajoy54 Not gone.. just yet. but as I spoke with one of the admins, I really doubt there's anyone in the vandwelling community who wants to see what direction we've taken the van.. and although we sleep in the back, we're calling our build a "sleeper" build and the name has nothing to do...
  16. LostlnTransit

    solo wheelchair travelers

    A Lot of tough challenges to over come and I thought just having gout (one leg) was hard. You're going to have to get with a handicapped installer to place several ramps or lifts on your vehicle as well as the toy hauler. GL on your travels.
  17. LostlnTransit

    Traded One Connect For Another.. The Adventure Continues

    Here's what's been happening since my last visit. ➤ I've developed gout, and a pinched nerve in my hip which causes my left knee to have extreme pain if I sit too long. I had x-rays and MRI done to prove this. My leg must remain straight as possible. ➤ I've ordered a new set of wheels for the...
  18. LostlnTransit

    Traded One Connect For Another.. The Adventure Continues

    So.. we're run into our first issue. it's called Gout and along with gout I have a pinched nerve in my left hip. This now means we're having to look for a different seating arrangement for the van. I've explored several of the topics here in reference to disconnection or disabling the seat air...
  19. LostlnTransit

    Traded One Connect For Another.. The Adventure Continues

    So Our first issue and I should have known. Even the 2015 Transit Connect had the same issue. The passenger seat does not want to remained in an upright locked position. I've taken on the challenge of correcting this myself with the use of plastic spacers or shims. Placed under the rear floor...