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    What are you having for dinner?

    Yeah, great idea.  Except that the local parks are by law supposed to be empty by half hour before sunset and we don't want to time our eating by the cops and fines we can't afford.  Remember that old saying?  Moccasins, dude.
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    What are you having for dinner?

    I would get red ones, we love them, but we don't have the facilities to rinse and clean them at dinner time, or dispose of the water from all that without people getting suspicious most of the time, we're "urban campers" for now.   To think, I used to despise cans.  >.<;;
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    What are you having for dinner?

    Hubby is addicted to alfredo sauce: Can of Prego alfredo sauce, 15 oz from the dollar store. Can of spinach, 15 oz dollar store. Can of sliced potatoes, 15 oz walmart One pound Can of ham, Grocery Discount Drain the spinach, and potatoes, dump in an oiled frying pan, cut up a 1/3 of the...
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    California SSI/SSDI and EBT law change June 1st 2019

    When Hubby got out of the hospital, they gave him the option here in CA to have his benefits on EBT card, so it might just be a CA thing. We stuck with the bank we had.
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    How To Keep Pets Safe & Cool OTR

    You might have to take turns babysitting, then.    Our cat was terrified the first week, then gradually got used to being on the road.  You might get some Nature's Miracle pet urine remover, it really helps even if you have to use it 3-4 times to get rid of that first week pee apocalypse...
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    California SSI/SSDI and EBT law change June 1st 2019

    Yes, but it's also more.  A lot of people who see people using EBT cards to get cash in casinos or stuff like that do not realize that the government give you the option of having your Social Security put on the EBT card.  It makes a lot of people on Social Security who chose that rather than...
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    Ripped Off at Jones Valley Campground on Shasta Bathtub north of Redding

    Ex Co-worker used to live in Big Bear, CA.  They had a bear come into the elementary school grounds.  Ranger's response was, "Bears were here first.  Live with it."  They finally got the bear packed off to somewhere else, but yeah, mountain lions, bears in the school grounds, fffft, have another...
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    California SSI/SSDI and EBT law change June 1st 2019

    Okay, CA just screwed us again.  We got a phone call from SocSec telling hubby who is on SSI that he is now elegible for EBT, the law passed so that people would have a little more to live on, right?  NOT.  We were told, go right away.  So we did.   I have EBT because my little business is iffy...
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    ETSY selling

    Sorry about the confusion my leet engerish never fails to cause.  >.<;;
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    ETSY selling

    The easiest way to deal with the Etsy fee confusion is remember they only charge 20 cents for listing for 4 months and slap a 10$ surcharge on anything from 5 to 100 and then 10 more after that.  And watch out for taking deposits.  You used to be able to take a deposit and then finish the sale...
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    Your reaction to the RTR/WRTR moving to CA?

    Yeah, just kick the gators out of the way and barbecue them big damned snakes!   :thumbsup:  Both of 'em taste like chicken anyways.   California, yee-uck.
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    ETSY selling

    I run my sewing business from our truck and the storage unit, now with a plan to go completely mobil.  Etsy paid our non rent bills for years.  Etsy and a blog, non personal facebook page (facepage), and Tumblr, with a DeviantArt site (all free except Etsy and their listing fee of .20 cents.)...
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    Box truck conversion Windows: House vynal frame vrs recycled rv/camper

    Yet another question that has come up as I watch all these vids.  One guy has what amounts to a glass wall in the back of his box truck.  I found out by accident that there is an RV junk yard around here in SoCal (looney toon land) that breaks down rvs and sells the parts.  I'm thinking an RV or...
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    How to book question

    I love the series Bob has going, but it made me realize I need a book I can consult while I'm upside down and sideways under a cabinet with a soldering iron or something, LOL.  I figure whiile we save up, I have lots of time to learn.  I just found out that what I had in hand would have killed...
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    Unconventional Lifestyle & Thinking

    Try to pile up enough money for a long distance tow (unless you get AAA) major engine repair, and three months of your food and gas budget.  If we would have done that, we would have been a lot better off the first year.  And every time work gets on your nerves, just smile and remember, You are...
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    Electricity for Noobs?

    That's the same book I was considering, thank you!  And thank you to the original poster.  Good luck with your project!   :thumbsup:
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    Electricity for Noobs?

    I can't explain how we survived as kids when my cousins and I found out we could get a good buzzing shock by ringing the door bell  after climbing out of the swimming pool.  >.<;;   Probably saved by the rubber welcome matt.  
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    Accidental report of a post

    I was scrolling with my thumb on the right side of my tablet screen and might have accidentally reported a post I was skimming?   :huh: So ignore, remove any Report under my name?   Sorry!