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    Kate's not here...

    Thought I'd throw in a little Cheech and Chong for ambiance :-) been putting this off for awhile, but wanted to update you on where I am and where I am going. I have been hanging around for the last few weeks pretty much in name only. Today I pulled the plug officially, and i am no longer...
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    This forum is open to the public for a short time so that anyone who still needs help getting in can make it known here. I am trying to re-direct everyone to one place because it is confusing getting requests from so many different emails and threads and private messages. My head is spinning...
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    for all of the split personalities: sign in for reintegration!

    I am now recommending, in the interest of time, that members who can't get in just re-register under a similar screen name and then SIGN IN HERE. I will get your two screen personnas merged under your original membership!
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    holiday plans 2013

    So what is everyone doing for the holidays? Thanksgiving? Solstice? Hannukah? Christmas? Ya have people to gather with? Special plans or celebrations? Wanna share them?
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    just a reminder!

    the girls room is for girls! that means if you are a boy, don't post!<br><br>the gender issues can be difficult to navigate. i am not sure of the best ways to do that, but of one thing i am certain....if you come here and post and say "i am not a woman, but..." you will be deleted.<br><br>i...
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    good thing/bad thing

    Thanks to everyone that sent good thoughts and prayers my way this week. It made a tough week better. We got my brother home in one piece with a jumpstart on a full recovery, and many more years of his bad jokes. I still cry when I look at him in his funny support hose and think "I could have...
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    the new concentrated bleach

    I know many of you do not use bleach. This thread is a heads up directed at those who do, and as an FYI for general purposes..... I got in the habit of using bleach for my kids with HIV. Still keep it around and use it diluted for some applications. I noticed recently that it is now mostly...
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    rear view mirror installation

    I have a question. Yes I googled it. I am going to ask it here. You do not have to answer. If you do, please do not tell me to google it. It has been a really difficult day and google is NOT my friend. My rear view mirror fell off. The interior one. Does anyone here have experience...
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    blog of an interesting build

    I love the pics of the different views out the rear dutch door!
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    Send love and light to Cheri in the hospital

    One of our own, Cheri (grandmahuggababy) in the hospital in Parker. She is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to remove her gallbladder. She is resting comfortably this afternoon, if a little wonky from the pain meds :-) Tony is in Cyndi's good hands at the camp in Q. I will be staying in...
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    Tribal Women

    One thing that was common in some tribes was the menstrual hut, a place where women got together during their "moon times" and dealt with a decidedly female issue, and used the time for socializing, relaxing, and supporting each other.
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    Multipurpose gear

    I love gear, and I love minimal. I am ecstatic when I find multipurpose gear....anything that has more than one use. Share your favorite piece of gear that serves more than one function. Does it save time? Space? Money? One of my favorites is a cotton sarong. I have used mine as a towel, a...
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    Member's blogs and websites

    This list is for links to contributing forum members' blogs. If you'd like your blog added to the list, please, reply to the thread with the URL of your blog. See "Other Related Blogs" for stuff found out on the 'Net. Bob's Blog - twokniveskatie -...
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    All about the links forum

    I had the idea of making this forum as a place for simple pages of links of blogs and websites and information. Other than this thread, which can be a free for all of ideas and convos related to the posting of links, the other threads will have a specific topic. It will ideally be at most one or...
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    The gift of fear

    Fear comes up a lot. There are so many kinds of fear, and sometimes it seems to me that the goal is to be fearless. But is that true for everyone? Is it even a good thing? What is fear, anyhow? I bet we'd get a whole spectrum of definitions and ideas about that. What are some things that fear...
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    About the Girls Room

    Though not private, as threads can be read by anybody, the use of the room is restricted to girls only! No posts by boys acceptable!
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    Using the captains logs

    Hey! The idea behind the captains logs is to provide each person their own thread of where you are, how you're doing, and where your headed. Think of it as a way to keep folks posted on your journey. It seems to work best if you have an easily identified name for your thread, and post all...
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    House battery drain

    Edited: this will be a sticky thread of battery information, brought about by a battery problem I experienced. My issue is irrelevant, but the responses are so excellent we will retain the information here, and edit out my crap. Forgive anything that sounds weird because of that!
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    Traffic stops and weapons

    On my way back to PA from Texas. Just got a speeding ticket. I am very disappointed. There is a bit of irony that I'll share first. For the past 3 days I have been monitoring the discrepancies between the posted speed limits and the max speed being shown on my gps. There are serious...