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  1. rvwandering

    Win Bluetti's 5000W Power Station, 6144Wh Batteries & 700W Solar Panels

    Only $5 for 10 tickets! The price per ticket goes down as you buy more so $50 buys 250 tickets!
  2. rvwandering

    Ovenette Height?

    This is a very simple recipe that you can jazz up if you wish. No specific amounts for the ingredients - just your personal preference. I use the cake pan and can fit three 8" tortillas or five 6" tortillas in the pan. I use flour tortillas and fry them on a dry griddle to warm them and make...
  3. rvwandering

    Ovenette Height?

    Just made enchiladas for dinner tonight! I made cookies one time then decided it was too much trouble because of the small number that will fit in the pan and now just make bar cookies and brownies.
  4. rvwandering

    Quick bed/chair for suv?

    Welcome to the forum Rick! For info on the forum please read over the Tips, Tricks, and Rules when you get the chance. Years ago we had a tri-fold mattress that we used in the bed of our pickup. It was comfortable but I'm not sure how well it would work on a surface that isn't flat.
  5. rvwandering

    St Charles Illinois hang out?

    Welcome to the forum issac! When you get the chance head on over to the Newcomer's Corner and introduce yourself to everyone!
  6. rvwandering

    Hey howdy

    Welcome Tony! Hope to see you at the RTR. There should be younger people there and you may be able to camp with other digital nomads. One group that I know about is the Xscapers, part of the Escapees Club. Please read over the Tips, Tricks, and Rules to learn about this forum.
  7. rvwandering

    Well, hello, I suppose

    Welcome Brian! Of course, you belong here! Everyone is welcome , no matter what type of home they have, where and how they travel, or if they are just curious about van life. All we ask is that you follow a few rules - Tips,Tricks, and Rules
  8. rvwandering


    Welcome TrikyD! Glad you found us! For a little information on how this forum works check out the Tips, Tricks, and Rules.
  9. rvwandering

    Moderation and deleted posts

    This thread was started to familiarize everyone with Bob Well's vision of why this forum was created because it's easy to miss that information especially if you've recently joined the forum. It was not meant to be a platform for debating closed threads and discussing deleted posts or other...
  10. rvwandering

    Moderation and deleted posts

    Morgana - I looked over the rules and can not find a specific "Stay On Topic" rule so I'll add it to Bob's Rules: Vision, Spirit and Letter of the Law.
  11. rvwandering

    far west Texas/southeast New Mexico

    Before you leave Canutillo take a side trip to Casa de Azucar. An amazing amount of creativity and years of work. If you like museums there are a couple of good ones in Las Cruces, New Mexico. New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum and the Zuhl Museum. The Zuhls had a business selling...
  12. rvwandering

    Los Algodones dentist recommendations

    Moderators haven't deleted any posts. I think Wayne is correct. I personally know people who have gone to the same dentist or clinic in Algodones and had different outcomes. Do some research before choosing.
  13. rvwandering

    SSI Increase for 2023

    This thread has gone pretty far off-topic. I've deleted the political posts and a few others. Please try to stay on-topic. Thanks!
  14. rvwandering

    The earth is flat!!!

    Thread closed due to arguing. Some posts may be deleted when the mods get time to read through them.
  15. rvwandering


    Welcome Scott! Here's a bit of reading to get you started in the forum:
  16. rvwandering

    Campfire Cooking & Safety

    If you want to be sure that having a campfire is okay, check this website for regional fire restrictions. It's a BLM site so it has information for the western states only.
  17. rvwandering

    Admins/Mods might have some clean up to do...

    Thanks for the heads up. They attacked every section of the forum. I just deleted hundreds of spam posts and I know that I missed so I'll go over everything again. For anyone who is curious, they were all on the oldest pages and dated Dec 31 1969. The rest of the forum looks okay,
  18. rvwandering


    Welcome Dottie! Hope to see you around a campfire soon. Please read over the Tips, Tricks, and Rules post for more information about the forum.
  19. rvwandering

    Hello fellow travelers!

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum! Please read over the Tips, Tricks, and Rules to learn more about how the forum works.