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    Camco Olympian Wave 3 Heater

    I've been cheating on the 10 second purge becuase the line is already full after the first startup. I think the point of the 10 seconds is to get the supply line full. If you do that everytime its just putting propane into the air. Maybe that extra propane is what is flaring up.
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    Ventilation & Fantastic Fan

    I normally crack my windows about an inch and open my fan. I was turning my fan on low but it sucks all the heat out so now i just open the fan and let the hot air rising escape through the fan. When it snows I only open the fan becuase the snow blows under my rain guards.
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    Camco Olympian Wave 3 Heater

    My wave 3 flares up during the 45-60 second startup right before I turn it to high. Has that happened to anyone else? It burns the hair off of my arms almost everytime it does it but it doesn't do it on every start up.
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    Camco Olympian Wave 3 Heater

    I would say around 20F is where it starts to fall short. I've used mine in -18F but my feet were cold. It has alot to do with what you can take and your setup. My heater doesn't point at my feet so they are the first to get cold.
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    PSA on stuck in sand in the Anza Borrego area

    I bought some rubber treads made by goodyear at walmart. I've never had to use them and hopefully I don't. I also carry a chain come along which is better than nothing and that's only if there's trees or something to hook to. Idk if I can air down to 10 with my tires. I was told by the tire...
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    Nanchez trace

    Thanks for the replies. It sounds like a good trip. I was more concerned about any mountain passes or steep grades I might run into and the weather starting to turn.
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    Nanchez trace

    Has anyone traveled it? I hear it's good but Im leaving Ohio in early December to go to Arizona. I thought about making it a part of my route but do you think December is too late in the year?
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    How do you keep snow out while venting for heat?

    I have the rain guards too and it works for rain but the snow blows up under the cracked window even with the fan off. Do you think just opening the fan would be safe enough?  I have a wave 3 and a maxx air in a chevy express ?
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    Using a battery charger with solar

    Can I hook a 120v battery charger to my batteries while the solar is charging?  I have 2 12v agm in parallel. So if I can hook the charger up, would I hook to one postive on one battery and one negative on the second battery and charge them like 1 big battery or charge them separately by hooking...
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    Save water by not washing pans and plates

    I use plain vinegar in a spray bottle no water. Wipe all excess food off and then spray with vinegar and wipe off. Im careful to make sure no food particles are left behind.
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    free camping area's in ohio

    Most of the free camping in Ohio is in the SE area. AEP recreation land, wayne national forest.
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    Planet Fitness

    I went in a few times to ask some questions before signing up and one person told me there is a limit of 10 per month on using locations other than your home gym. They don't really tell you that upfront unless you happen to deal with the right person. It's no where online either as far as I...
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    Subscribing to threads

    Is there a way to automatically be subscribed to a thread when you comment on it? I forget to subscribe sometimes and miss some of the conversations I've posted in.
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    Typical fulltime vandweller

    I'm in my 40s, live in a van and from the NE. I have family or could get a house or apartment anytime but the van is working out great and I plan to stay in it as long as I can.
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    Million Ways to Make Meatloaf

    I've never heard of oatmeal in meatloaf. I use peanut butter instead of eggs.
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    How to insure a conversion van

    I insure my van as a regular van and the contents are covered by my emergency fund. It doesn't make sense to me to pay extra to the insurance company to insure my things then have to make a claim to get that money back. Am I missing something important here?
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    OMG!! Where is it Actually COOL?

    Im a fan of paper maps too. Is there something I can get on paper that shows the elevations? I don't know how you all know these elevations other than being there or from experience. I would like to find something to tell me which direction to go and when to avoid to stay out of bad weather
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    North East Gatherings?

    Im in Massachusetts now at the van nationals. When I leave here I think Im going to New Hampshire to old cherry mountain road. It's a place I found on freecampsites. Idk anything about it but that's my plan for now. Im heading for Maine and I would love to check out the adirondacks on the way back.
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    What are you having for dinner?

    I grilled some pork chops the other night and used the leftovers to make pinto beans onions and pork in my pressure cooker. It really cuts the time down to cook dry beans.
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    charging leisure batteries

    Like posted above, a continuous duty soleniod. Also there are voltage sensing relays which is what im leaning towards getting . they are more expensive and idk if there are really any advantages but they seem easier to hook up. Not that a solenoid is hard to.