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  1. highdesertranger

    Step Van Black/Grey Tank?

    here's the link to the thread, and here is a link to the BLM rules for the winter LTVA's, the part about waste tanks is on page 54454 section 17 wow that...
  2. highdesertranger

    Step Van Black/Grey Tank?

    You need to ask the BLM as to why they don't meet their requirements, I have no idea. It has been discussed here for years,, I posted the regulations 4 or 5 years ago. I thought it was a sticky but I guess not I can't find it. Highdesertranger
  3. highdesertranger

    Emergency fund

    I keep mine in a separate savings account. If needed I can transfer funds to my checking account on the internet and use my atm card as an atm or credit card. Highdesertranger
  4. highdesertranger

    Cutting through drink holder on doghouse cover.

    I am not understanding what exactly you are trying to do. What's under your drink holder? A bulkhead fitting will make a clean hose connection. Highdesertranger
  5. highdesertranger

    1972 Chevy Ram

    Why not just use the vehicle you have and a tent? Highdesertranger
  6. highdesertranger

    Step Van Black/Grey Tank?

    I would like to add that by adding that tank and toilet that made abnorm legal and self contained in the eyes of the BLM(10 gallon min. black tank) Now he can camp anywhere at the LTVA's. Composting, cassette, port-a-potties do not meet the requirements and you will need to camp close to the...
  7. highdesertranger

    Ground for AMG battery

    Yes you could ground it there(check for ground) or you can just float the ground it all depends on the system. Highdesertranger
  8. highdesertranger

    Foam mattress or inflatable pad?

    So simple physics tells us if we blow our mattress up when it's 90° and overnight the temp drops into the 40's the mattress will deflate. We don't need a hole or any other outside influence just the temp change. I have dealt with this from experience. Like I said in my first post in the high...
  9. highdesertranger

    I want to make sure I have this correct.

    Those are Anderson Power Pole connectors in the video. The person in the video calls them something else. Dang how can you even watch that video with the shaking camera and all? Highdesertranger
  10. highdesertranger

    Foam mattress or inflatable pad?

    "A backpackers self inflating air mattress won't leak or lose pressure, but they are very thin." Oh yes they will. I have three of them they all lose pressure. Highdesertranger
  11. highdesertranger

    Foam mattress or inflatable pad?

    yep many negatives for air mattresses. Elevation change, temp change, they're cold, and leaks are the most common problems. In the high desert 30, 40 and 50° temp swings are not uncommon and those temp swings reek havoc on air mattresses. Adjust the air in your mattress and go sleep. Then...
  12. highdesertranger

    Opinions from Ram ProMaster owners

    they don't flip the axles anymore. you can't do that with newer trailer axles because the axles are not straight, they have a slight v-shape which gives the tires a slight camber. If you flip the axle you totally screw up all that. Now you can convert it from axle above springs to axle below...
  13. highdesertranger

    Best TAPE for sealing leaks

    Factory means it was part of the original vehicle = installed as part of the vehicle build. Aftermarket = means it was installed by an up-fitter after the vehicle was built. It sounds like you have a factory sun roof. Highdesertranger
  14. highdesertranger

    Best TAPE for sealing leaks

    Is it an aftermarket sunroof? If it is, the best thing to do is to remove it and reseal it. If it's factory, Well then it all depends how/why it's leaking. Highdesertranger
  15. highdesertranger

    Opinions from Ram ProMaster owners

    I do not own a promaster and I would never rely on a Front Wheel Drive(FWD) vehicle. But more than that, Never ever ever do a suspension lift on an independent suspension vehicle. Especially a FWD. I can not emphasize this enough. Not when pigs fly, not when the earth stops rotating, not...
  16. highdesertranger

    1972 Chevy Ram

    So i guess you already have your passport? Highdesertranger
  17. highdesertranger

    Multiple Wives (Not a Mormon Concept)

    Really? Highdesertranger
  18. highdesertranger

    Don't assume the shower is cleaned

    Teva sandals. Highdesertranger
  19. highdesertranger

    Good price on a 'B' Craigslilst

    That's a funny configuration kinda a cross between a passenger van and a camper van. Highdesertranger
  20. highdesertranger

    Beginning my journey

    Welcome Bellablue to the CRVL forums! To help you learn the ins and outs of these forums, this "Tips, Tricks and Rules" post lists some helpful information to get you started. Most of our rules boil down to two simple over-riding principles: 1) What you post should provide good information...