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  1. J

    4G Antenna Shop (4GAS)

    Reseller of mobile GSM broadband ATT plans TMO plans They usually sell ATT to mobile users since better geographic coverage, but in many congested area you may well get faster bandwidth using TMO. I just signed up a new...
  2. J

    I miss SternWake here

    He didn't post as much, but was **so** diligent about going into details, really amazing lengths of effort to educate noobies in electrickery from the ground up. I sure learned a lot from him, way more generous with his time than I ever could be. Unfortunately the management of the forum where...
  3. J

    US health insurance and CPAP

    Bit of a scam afaict
  4. J

    GoFundMe scammers

    GoFundMe campaign for homeless man 'predicated on a lie' Ironic, we had a recent discussion on handling scamming panhandlers. Turns out they need to watch out for the ones giving **them** money 8-(
  5. J

    Camping stories

    Guy with dog video More videos Background
  6. J

    Feedback on this truck please

    All caps from their description, sorry. 1987 CHEVY SILVERADO 3500HD 4X4 DUALLY actually a V30 MODEL, CHEVY ONLY USED THE V FOR 1987-1989 WHY I DON'T KNOW THEN BACK TO K MODEL  BOUGHT IT IN 10/23/2009 WITH 70,000 ON IT, REBUILT 454, TBI FUEL INJECTION AT 77,000, 400 TRANS REBUILT AT SAME TIME...
  7. J

    Dehumidifiers on sale

    Apparently the bigger units are actually effective. Use power though.
  8. J

    Tower impounded a homeless woman's stolen car and wanted $21,634 to give it back

    Seattle is in the grips of a dire housing emergency (though the city has money to burn when it comes to subsidizing multi-billion-dollar sports teams); Amanda Ogle is one of the many people in Seattle living out of a car, in her case, a 1991 Camry. Ogle's car was stolen, abandoned, and towed by...
  9. J

    Federal judge orders car returned to homeless man struggling to pay parking tickets

    Sean Kayode, a homeless person hustling to make ends meet in San Francisco unsurprisingly received a lot of parking tickets, in San Francisco. Naturally, the best way for San Francisco to secure payment was to seize his method of earning money. A federal judge has ordered the car be returned...
  10. J

    Someone Is Renting Out A Van In Downtown Manhattan On Airbnb
  11. J

    Cops Pull Over a U-Haul Towing a SUV Towing a Camper

    News item. Funny? Not.
  12. J

    eBay LFP seller CALB CA100FL at decent pricing

    No idea how legit top quality vs factory seconds new vs used matched / balanced sets or what but $400 delivered for a 4S 12V set at 100A is a great price for the US market
  13. J

    Perfect commercial letterbox + domicile setup?

    I've been very strong about using a trusted F&F S&B to get real residential address for legal & financial purposes. Never use a mail forwarder for that function if at all possible. Some say Escapees can be better than most, and perhaps they are as good as this. The letterbox company is called...
  14. J

    Roadtrek demonstrates WATT Fuel Cell Technology

    Direct generation from propane, no combustion
  15. J

    Parks volunteer - I never actually picked this place. It just ended up that way.

    Great story about Sjors Horstman, spent the last 31 years of his life at the bottom of the Grand Canyon as a volunteer for the National Park Service. Plus job search links
  16. J

    Zipstitch adhesive patch closes wounds without stitches

    For when you get injured way off in the boodocks YT video
  17. J

    Buggy climbs sheer cliff

    YT video
  18. J

    Legal to dump "composting" head output into garbage?

    I acknowledge these are not true composting toilets, more "separating toilets" Legally the same as plain "bucket and bag" most likely, but if not, specifically looking at C-Head, Air Head, Nature's Head type commercial systems. I believe there are strict laws about what you can dump into...
  19. J

    Dwelling story from BoingBoing

    Let me tell you about living my life on the road