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  1. Van Man Dave

    Quartzsite Musicians or Artists camp

    Hello friends.    We are looking forward to January in Quartzsite again this year.    We are hoping to join and/or informally form a small, safe and respectful musician and/or artist camp.    We travel with small stringed instruments and accessories. Paint, clay, wire and jewelry art too.  ...
  2. Van Man Dave

    Jump start box recommendations?

    Interested in a compact jump start box for emergency jump starting only. There are so many out there, I figured I’d ask you fine folks if you have any good recommendations. Thank you in advance:)
  3. Van Man Dave

    G30 front end rebuild

  4. Van Man Dave

    Travel through Baja/Border crossing

    Anyone traveling to/through Baja lately? Any issues crossing from US to Mexico? We are having trouble with conflicting information regarding pleasure travel in Baja.  :D :D Gracias!
  5. Van Man Dave

    Poop on public lands

    :s We hear a lot of stories of people trashing public lands, dumping trash, sewage etc.....  I have witnessed this first hand in many places.  What I also see is an insane amount of livestock manure scattered around as well. There is a huge amount of grazing leases allowed on public lands...
  6. Van Man Dave

    Welding with solar power

    We met an interesting fellow yesterday, who uses a small MIG welder (120v), powered by inverter/solar battery bank, to create metal art while traveling. Is anyone else doing any small scale welding on the road?   I would love to hear what kind of setup has worked well for you.
  7. Van Man Dave

    Bullfrog is awesome!

    Just a quick thanks to Bullfrog. We had the pleasure of meeting him by the marina at Lake Powell, and I must say, he is a great human being! Thanks brother, we appreciate you very much!! David & Nicole :heart: :heart:
  8. Van Man Dave

    RTR - (respectable and quiet) Musicians Area?

    Hi all,   Sorry if this has already been covered here on the forum.   Last year, there were some great musicians at the RTR who I had the pleasure of meeting. I am hoping to meet up with some more musicians at this years RTR.  I also want to be sure we are respecting others by not disturbing...
  9. Van Man Dave

    The "Social Contract"

    I've been thinking a lot about society and the "social contract". Many people will say we are all obligated to fulfill certain obligations regarding our "debt to society". Does anyone have any insight or beliefs into this subject they would like to share? Would someone become a de-facto...
  10. Van Man Dave

    Hot Well Dunes - Safford, AZ area

    Will likely be a few of us at the Hot Well Dunes 11/10  -  11/17-ish.  Anyone interested in meeting up out there is very welcome;)...
  11. Van Man Dave

    Van acting as Faraday cage?

    I see a very noticeable difference in receiving cell/data, radio, GPS, etc.. signals inside the van, as compared to outside.  It has me thinking back to all the foil faced insulation, reflectix, foil tape, etc. that I installed into the van.  I don't really mind this too much, I typically place...
  12. Van Man Dave

    Pressurized portable shower I recently saw. Any input?

    Not sure if this has been covered here, but it is new to me.  I was relaxing at the beach when I saw a couple of surfers who pulled one of these out of their SUV: It is a self contained portable shower system that gets pressurized into it's internal bladder by a garden...