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  1. J

    The Less You Know, the More You Will Pay

    Lots of threads on here with people talking about how much the life style costs and what kind of emergency fund may be needed. Just an observation, but the less electrical or mechanical skills you have, the more you are going to pay for other people to fix things. If you can't change your own...
  2. J

    Need Advice on How to Duct Tape DH's Hands

    together so he can't poke the numbers on his phone and order things off infomercials. We both like to cook, but I don't need every bloody gadget known to man. He does. He uses it for a couple weeks and it never comes out again after that. A box just came. An overpriced Emeril Air Fryer. Where...
  3. J

    Wireless earbuds

    I use my phone or tablet most of the time. They are both Bluetooth compatable. I want wireless earbuds and I don't want to spend $60 to $150 only to find out I bought the wrong model. Anyone got advice or recommendations?
  4. J

    Someone sent me a PM.

    I managed to find it, but have no idea how to open it. All I can see is "hi" on what looks like a subject line.
  5. J

    For all those looking for ways to make money

    Get yourself trained and certified as an RV Tech. The guy a few sites down from us asks for $100 an hour, and gets it. He can do what he wants part of the year and comes into parks he likes where he has agreements with the owners to be able to work on RV's during busy seasons. He usually has all...
  6. J

    Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito = Book Review

    Just about finished with Cave of Bones by Anne Hillerman. Disappointing. I wish she had left her father's characters alone and created some new ones. Tony's style was so different, to the point, The writing was tight and concise, so well suited to the stories. His daughter's style is loose, too...
  7. J

    Some People are just Asking for Trouble

    Thieves are everywhere. It is easy for them to watch campsites to know when people are gone.  RV's are easy to break into. Very few of them have safes. So, flashing expensive jewelry and camera equipment and bicycles around strangers or bragging about your $5000 gaming computer and your $1500...
  8. J

    Woman diver lives in truck

    Nice job. Woman is a commercial diver, always on the move for jobs. Sorry, I am a Luddite and don't know how to post a link with my phone. YouTube channel: FLORB Video title: Young Woman Converts Truck into Full Time Micro Home to Ditch Apartment Living Date: May 26, 2019
  9. J

    How many Fulltimers Tow a Boat?

    If you love the water and love fulltime camping, a van or truck camper may be perfect way to have it all. We even knew one guy with a big SUV who towed his 24 ft Bayliner Express and lived in the boat. That was a while ago. I don't think they make the 24 ft'er anymore. Now, they sell a 26 ft'er.
  10. J

    Gym Membership

    After years on the road, we are slowing down. We are getting fat. Just found out our insurance pays for a gum membership. We travel and are pretty much everywhere during much of the year, and around Arizona, Texas, or Florida in the winter. Which national chains do you find have the best...
  11. J


    Don't stay up long enough for us slow readers/thinkers.
  12. J

    Periodontal surgery in Mexico

    Has anyone had the laser periodontal surgery done in Mexico or Canada? The quote I am getting in Florida is nearly $8000. That breaks the piggy bank.