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    Nanchez trace

    Has anyone traveled it? I hear it's good but Im leaving Ohio in early December to go to Arizona. I thought about making it a part of my route but do you think December is too late in the year?
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    How do you keep snow out while venting for heat?

    I have the rain guards too and it works for rain but the snow blows up under the cracked window even with the fan off. Do you think just opening the fan would be safe enough?  I have a wave 3 and a maxx air in a chevy express ?
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    Using a battery charger with solar

    Can I hook a 120v battery charger to my batteries while the solar is charging?  I have 2 12v agm in parallel. So if I can hook the charger up, would I hook to one postive on one battery and one negative on the second battery and charge them like 1 big battery or charge them separately by hooking...
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    Subscribing to threads

    Is there a way to automatically be subscribed to a thread when you comment on it? I forget to subscribe sometimes and miss some of the conversations I've posted in.
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    Coleman 2 burner camp stove

    Does anyone know where the o ring goes on the regulator assembly or if there is one? I was moving the stove outside and found a rubber gasket that looks like it fits where the regulator assembly screws into the stove. I put it where i thought it should go and now the right burner smokes and...
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    Wiring 2 12v plugs

    If I want to wire 2 12volt plugs close to each other can I come from the first one in parallel running only one set of  + and - back to the fuse box or do i have to run separate runs? Im using 16 ga wire and a 5 amp fuse. The plugs are for running a computer fan and charging a phone.
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    What is the coldest it's been while in your van?

    Last night it was -8 and felt like -27 with the wind chill. I got it to 38 in my van with the wave 3. That was also from driving I got it to 70 with the dash heater then turned the wave 3 on right after i shut the van down. I would like to know others temperature so I can compare how im doing. I...
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    Look at this for a waste container

    I'm thinking about this for a waste container just for storage until I can dispose of it...
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    Ventilation for under mattress

    Has anyone used this product for ventilating thier mattress? I also thought about drilling holes in my bed surface also. How well does that work for anyone who has done it?
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    Does anyone travel with firearms?

    I was thinking about what I would do if I traveled to Canada or a state that doesn't have reciprocity and I thought about I could leave it with an FFL in their  safe. I just did that for a week while I was trying to sell my firearm. The downside would be having to go back and get it or paying...
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    Anyone going to the van nationals?

    Ill be there Thursday until Sunday.
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    Laptop on an inverter

    For those of you who watch movies on your laptop do you use your computer battery until it gets low and then plug in it or do you plug it in to the inverter right away. It seems like it would use more power to have it constantly maintaining the battery rather than just charging it. If i could...
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    Using battery charger and solar

    I have 2 125 ah batteries and a 7 stage vmaxx charger. Vmaxx told me i have to turn off the charge controller to use the charger. Is there an easy way to do this without unhooking everything?  The only solution i could think of is to get two of those red heavy duty switches and put one on the...
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    Which battery terminal to use?

    I have 2 12 volt agm batteries wired in parallel . To prevent having so many connections on one terminal is it possible to hook my fuse block to one positive and negative and my charge controller to the other two? I've also read to use the postive on one battery and the negative on the other to...
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    Fuse for phone charger

    My 110 charger says input 100-240v 0.35 A Output 5v 2.0A  It has a usb cord on one end that plugs into a wall or a cigarette  plug and plugs into my phone on the other. I have a 12v socket with 16 awg wire ran to my fuse block. What size fuse should i use there? Im going to use a male 12v plug...
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    I like the new forum

    I can actually see who I'm talking to. It was hard on my phone with the other one. Thanks to whoever fixed it.
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    Fuse block

    I was shopping for a fuse block on amazon and they have ones with and without ground. I'm sure the correct way to wire it is run a positive and negative from the batteries to the fuse block and run a positive and negative from the fuse block to each load. Also ive seen 1 fat wire from the fuse...
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    How accurate are online solar calculators?

    I have about 364 watt hours total. I don't know how accurate that is becuase im guessing on hours used and wattage of leds but 364 ah is what i inputed. Alt e gave me 300 watts panel, 310 ah battery, 25 amp charge controller. Renogy gave me 196 watt solar and 60 ah battery Doing my own...
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    Contacting renogy

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with renogy? I called 2 numbers on their website and one from amazon. It takes me to the same voicemail which is full so no message can be left. I've emailed them via thier website. I hear they are a good company but if it's so hard to reach them it makes me...
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    Notification for responses

    Is there a setting that will tell me when someone responds to my thread or another one I've posted in?