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  1. GotSmart

    I Hate Missouri Rental Laws

    So I start heading back to Missouri to spend the next month mptying out the apartment and sending my kids to CA.   I get a call.  Sewage is coming out the walls AGAIN!  Landlord tears out wall in downstairs bathroom.  Makes a giant mess.  Than tears out wall in upstairs bathroom.  Leaves the...
  2. GotSmart

    Magic Bus!

    Not sure where I was, bit I saw this on the road.  Home converted BlueBird with a raised top and hamocs!  They have plans to cover the top with solar in the future.  North Dakota plates..  They tried to register it, but had to paint it first.  School Bus Yellow is not allowed?    I mentioned...
  3. GotSmart

    I just don't understand.

    Going down the road yesterday, and saw this.   Can someone explain it to me? I found it on Youtube, But I still don't get it.   :huh:
  4. GotSmart

    Random Thoughts and Wandering Minds Thread

    :blush: I for one will many times run off topic and post something only slightly related to the subject at hand.   :D  This thread is for that purpose.   I enjoy watching how a thread evolves into different subjects and conversations.   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no fighting or other breaking of...
  5. GotSmart

    Time for something that matters

    MY OPINION:   Lately there have been hurt feelings, insults, infighting, and people leaving this forum.   Chill everyone.  Here is a way to do it. Ferndale Music Co in CA has a camera set up in an old church steeple.  There is a pair of owls nesting there.  Right now it is just Mama snoozing...
  6. GotSmart


    What kind of person would steal a fourteen year old cat? Today I drove my daughter to work.  The windows were down a couple inches, and Tigger was sitting on the dash as we went into the store. It was about 70*  He likes to sit in the window and sun himself.  About 20 minutes later I came out...
  7. GotSmart

    Cat Thread. (Dogs allowed.) but Cat Thread.

    Like the title says, This is a spot to brag on your cat.  I would appriciate it not going to the dogs, but they are just as much people as cats.  I do not descriminate even though I like cats more.  It takes all kinds to make life work.   :D   First I will post my cat Tigger.   Many of you...
  8. GotSmart

    Sirens and hail and wind ~ I want to go West!

    Just another night in Tornado Alley.   The sitens go off, and everyone goes outside to look at the sky.  Lightning everywhere. Extreme tornado threat.  I miss earthquakes.  You can ride those out.  :s
  9. GotSmart

    Highway 1 closed

    Sorry to be the one folks, but Hwy 1 near Carmel is closed,  They got a bridge out.  Up to a year closure.  :(
  10. GotSmart

    Comet and eclipse and full moon oh my!

    This Friday will be everything to make an old fashoned doom cryer happy.   :D  Possibly some conspirocy tin hat types also! A Comet, Eclipse and a...
  11. GotSmart

    Where did it go?

    I am having a vanishing coolant problem.  Never more than a couple ounces at a time.   91 B250 318.  I have all new hoses and gaskets (including head and intake) and radiator...   No drips or trails anywhere.  I top the coolant off, and add some to the overflow.  several days later it is down...
  12. GotSmart

    My Daddy Always Said

    That he did not trust bankers.  They always look like they are ready to leave town.  :s What words of wisdom were told to you?
  13. GotSmart

    Say WHAT???

    After reading some of the threads on here, I have a headach at all the useless posturing.  This came in the mail today.  I hope it gives you as good a laugh as I got.  If they sent it to me, they should alrady have my contact information.  And I do not know what to put down as the year of my...
  14. GotSmart

    Cruse controle issues

    My cruse control has stopped working on my 91 B250 Dodge.   In reading other threads, this seems to be not uncommon. I have checked all the usual posibilities.  Fuses are good, all lights are working, Vaccuum hoses are in perfect shape. Does ayone have a fix or suggestion on where to look next?
  15. GotSmart

    Seattle looking into dwellers.

    Many of the members here are vandwellers by choice. They have a means for either working, or a disability/retirement check, and this is how they can stretch it out.  Others because they have no choice. No resources, and the vehicle/tent is their last possession.  Some do it because they want to...
  16. GotSmart

    Starting year 4?

    Today is the last day of year 3 since I joined CRVL.   I have not been banned, so it must be working out.   ;) Through this connection, I have met more honest people then the four years I spent at the Baptist University.  Between the board, RTR, and the road I have made more friends that will...
  17. GotSmart


    There is currently a pattern of meteorological buffoonery that has the whole country asking what is happening next.   Someone posted this weather and roads one stop shop, and I saved it in my bookmarks.  Now is the time to gibe it back to everone to use. Road conditions, traffic cameras, cain...
  18. GotSmart


    As I write this I see it is 57* in Quartzsite It is 15* and snowing here.  The entire state has a weather advisory.   I have my annual case of walking pneumonia. Good thing I was able to see the Dr. yesterday  My cat insists on staying on my lap under the blankets, so I have an added excuse...
  19. GotSmart

    200 W solar suitcase.

    I am letting people know about a new product. Renogy is coming out with a 200 Watt Eclipse Solar Suitcase. Basic...
  20. GotSmart

    What do you think?

    As soon as the roads are safe, I am going to look at this.  No pictures yet.  From the description, what do you think?  I do not know Fords.   1997 Ford E350 Hightop 7.3 Diesel - $3200 Has very desirable 7.3 Diesel that runs great. I have owned this van for 8 years and have only put only 6000...