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  1. tx2sturgis

    LOOK UP! Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

    Tonight, Sunday night, in central and western time zones:
  2. tx2sturgis

    Vandweller Chatroom (Closing)

    HERE YE HERE YE!! ALL YOU SCURVY DOGS (and oh yeah, YARC members) COME JOIN US FOR SOME PIRATES GROG AND CAP'N MORGAN SPICED RUM! Tonight (and every Tuesday) in the chatroom....lets try this...come say hello...really....its not hard to do...just hoping to get a little bit of fun going...
  3. tx2sturgis

    Youtuber Camo Dave: R.I.P.

    I just found out Camo Dave has passed away from a heart attack. I used to enjoy his videos and even participated in some of the live chats on "SaturDave"... I felt really bad after leaving a voice mail on his phone asking him why he hasn't been making videos for more than a week...and then...
  4. tx2sturgis

    A tiny house for sale near me (not mine)

    Found this near me....seems nice for the price! She wants $53,000 OBO.
  5. tx2sturgis

    Auction: Just-4-fun! Mad Max Post-Apocalyptic Rigs

    I want one! All I have to do is come up with a ton of money and way to get the machine home from Australia! Imagine showing up at Burning Man or RTR in one of these!  :D
  6. tx2sturgis

    Classic 1962 VW Van (let's watch this auction!)

    Hooboy this is some serious and fun eye candy! Let's watch this auction and see what she goes of this posting the price is already at 52 grand! Auction ends Wednesday morning, 25 August.
  7. tx2sturgis

    Selling my camper: 2019 r-pod 171 SOLD!!

    Nice 2019 R-POD 171 with lots of 'boondocking' upgrades including two solar panels, dual batteries, larger LP tank, 3.5 inch axle lift kit, removable rear stabilizer jacks and tongue jack for more ground clearance at your favorite boondocking sites. Dinette table upgraded for heavy duty use, but...
  8. tx2sturgis

    I heard a POP! Then another one!

    Actually, a pop....not knowing what that might be, I looked around...hmmm... Then about 10 minutes later, POP! It was a very loud POP and I saw some smoke drifting out of this little inverter... It was still working, the PC and monitor were still operating just fine, after both pops...then I...
  9. tx2sturgis

    Local Auction: a small RV park in Texas

    An RV park for my birthday! Awww shouldn't have! Just kidding but the auction for this small RV park in Perryton Texas (north end of the Texas Panhandle) just happens to be on MY BIRTHDAY! >> June 17th!
  10. tx2sturgis

    Posted Work Camper Openings (Texas State Parks)

    Posted Work Camper Openings (Texas State Parks) Here are a couple of work camper jobs for this summer not far from me, Caprock Canyons State Park, and Palo Duro Canyon State Park. They provide water and electric hook-up site in exchange for 24 hours of work per week. This might  be suitable for...
  11. tx2sturgis

    Can Cooker Companion

    Funny name, works well...I bought the smallest one called the's a bit too large I think for one-person meals, but if you are making a stew or soup for 2-4 people I think it would work well for that. Think of it as a crock pot that's faster, lighter, non-breakable, and works on...
  12. tx2sturgis

    The new postal van looks....weird....

    This new USPS van looks like somebody punched it in the nose..... Coming to a post office near you in 2023.
  13. tx2sturgis

    Nice Used Class C found on CL (not mine)

    -$21,500- That seems like a decent price for what it is....I've seen owners on the forum trying to sell DIY conversion vans for 3 times that amount. As always, buyer beware and check everything out...yada yada yada...
  14. tx2sturgis

    Propane and Propane Accessories (Flame King)

    Apologies to Hank Hill...but you know...I just could not resist... I recently bought a Flame King refillable propane bottle kit, which comes with a stand, a refill fitting, and one empty green bottle. I also bought a 4 pack of bottles so I have a total of five.  Like many lifelong campers, I...
  15. tx2sturgis

    New Mexico shutting down...again....

    Residents must shelter in place, lockdowns, non-essential businesses closed, no large gatherings, etc etc etc...we've seen this before but this time its just ahead of the Thanksgiving holidays and might affect those of you planning on passing thru NM on your way to AZ in the next couple of...
  16. tx2sturgis

    More vans on auction in Amarillo

    A few of these vans have low mileage. Read all of the terms if you intend to bid.
  17. tx2sturgis

    10 RV slots on 1.7 acres, 90 miles east of Amarillo

    I'm thinking this one will sell pretty cheap, opening bid is $5000...and it's not exactly a desirable piece of land...BUT....maybe someone might be interested in something cheap to establish a 'home base' in Texas. Here is the auction listing...
  18. tx2sturgis

    Walmart Drive In (free tickets)

    Walmart is gonna have a rolling, pop-up drive-in experience in about 160 locations around the country this tickets but you gotta sign up. Mostly classic movies.
  19. tx2sturgis

    Bob on the big screen!

    Stand in line folks, I'm first up for an autograph! :thumbsup: Maybe he'll sign my camper....
  20. tx2sturgis

    RVs on Auction (Amarillo)

    Another Assiter Auction, this weekend...some nice RVs, vans, etc, some not so nice, but those will go really cheap! This is an online auction, you can register and bid online, but you do have to pay electronically, then pick up the item locally.