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  1. Grizzly708

    Anyone ever drive a Kaiser Military truck before??

    Back then the only ones with a locker would be the ones used by the USMC. Has a good selection of the newer ones but if you want to stick with the older ones I would look at
  2. Grizzly708

    What SUVs do you recommend?

    I have a 2001 Chevy Suburban 4x4 3/4 ton. It goes everywhere I need it to and more. Unless you are going to go out rock crawling in the desert with it it is a great vehicle. Extremely dependable Best riding full size SUV by far You never have to say "that won't fit in there"
  3. Grizzly708

    newly widowed, confused, frustrated and alone

    So sorry for your lost Barbara ?. I admire your courage and strength. Wishing you all the best Bill
  4. Grizzly708

    Any SUV dwellers?

    It's looking like I will soon be on the road living in my Chevrolet Suburban. I'm pretty sure I have it down to just what I need and nothing more.  My personal effects I will send to my sister for safe keeping.  I want my remaining years to be spent on my 3 retirement hobbys. Photography,  metal...
  5. Grizzly708

    Vintage Station Wagon Living Article

    I don't want to make it sound like they were everywhere in Michigan,  but you could see rooftop tents on wagons in many of the campgrounds in the upper peninsula.  You would see people sleeping in vans, pickup toppers, old International scouts, suburbans,  etc. Good times .
  6. Grizzly708

    Station Wagon - Positive Experiences

    I love the xc70 awd wagons, they are a great platform for camping. I have seen two of them with about a 2~3" lift with BFG all terrains on one and interco tsl radial mud tires on the other.
  7. Grizzly708

    Grand Plan Lightest Cargo Trailer Goal

    What was your 1st Choice that a 2500 Chevy Truck not pull??
  8. Grizzly708


    Life is terminal, live accordingly.  thank you,  carry on.
  9. Grizzly708

    Chevy Express Rear Differential Info

    All of the rear differentials available are all more than up to the task. The Express 3500 usually got the 10.5" full floating corporate 14 bolt. It was used from 1999 to 2015 in the 3500s. Check the build code sticker inside of the glove box door.  Look for one that says G80 which tells you...
  10. Grizzly708

    Question for 1 ton 3500 Chevy van owners.

    I just looked at options for your 3500. The only transmissions listed is the 4l80e,  pretty much a bullet proof trans. If it's whining in first you could well have a problem developing in it or more likely the torque converter is locking up when it shouldn't be.  The longer you listen to it the...
  11. Grizzly708

    Box van value search

    Oops, just found out Joy is hughs ex'wife.  Southern outdoors is his tv show on 5+
  12. Grizzly708

    Box van value search

    My second home town!  You have one of the best teachers in the country there. It's been 15+ years since I have talked to him, so I don't have his contact info right now. He should be easy to find. His name is Hugh McNaughton , he and his wife Joy live in Hermitage.  He has a hunting and fishing...
  13. Grizzly708

    Box van value search

    What area are you in?  There may be a person here near you that could help you.
  14. Grizzly708

    Box Van Conversion

    Not as much as a class C.  They have decent ground clearance  Most will have a locker in the rear differential.  Average pick up truck size tires, less $ and you can get all terrains or mud terrain tires. Plenty of room below to install water tanks.
  15. Grizzly708

    Summer destination?

    What don't you like about it?
  16. Grizzly708

    Box van value search

    Is there a Kellys Blue Book or something like it that covers used uhaul or penske box vans???
  17. Grizzly708

    Summer destination?

    What is your summer travel plans when AZ gets too hot?
  18. Grizzly708

    Need help on gold prospecting equipment electrical

    I think you may be thinking of a dredge.  A sluice is legal everywhere if I'm not mistaken.