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    What's the big deal with a diesel?

    Horsepower burns fuel, torque moves loads. Gas engines have more HP, diesels have more torque & yes diesels get twice the milage. I bought the lightest 2000 Dodge 1500 full size 2WD pickup with a gas V6, never got 15 MPG, I bought a 3500 4x4 1995 Dodge with the Cummins diesel pickup & got 24 or...
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    Is AAA worth it for towing protection?

    It was a stand alone. I just checked & thry've reduced the services & am going with Good Sams RV Platinum for $80/year
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    Where to park while converting your vehicle?

    Iso board with foil or fiberglass on both sides is 7.2 R per inch & $16.95. I bought an ambo so it was done except for taking out things & have 40 acres & a 54'x84' hanger & machine shop to work in. We're selling & hitting the road in the spring.
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    Back view camera for NV200- install cost

    I bought one on ebay for under #30 that's wireless, goes on the license plate holder & the screen requires no power as it's solar & sits or velcros to the dash & even has a charging port for your phone.
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    ROFL! Van reverse SD, CA

    I bought a pickup that went great in reverse but nothing in forward. I drove it 10 miles home using the mirrors at 30mph on a sunday morning & never met a car.
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    rv with 110volts power on all winter long

    Peppermint oil on cotton balls will repel mice. I found out after a mouse peed on the wiring of my 4x4 f 150 plow truck & the insurance co. totalled the truck & paid the mechanics bill. I just kept storage insurance on it for $50. There was no heat on & from my flying I know mouse pee will ruin...
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    1989 Ford Econoline E-350 4x4 ambulance- $13000

    Sorry wrong! 7.3 IDI
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    Tow Vehicle Breakdown Paranoia- 7.3 Diesel

    Spots work great. I'm a pilot of 1930s planes & one morning a few years ago Best Buy sent me a closeout on green Spots for $4.95 so I bought 20 & gave them to friends. You need to be in the open as they work on sattilites. They run several sales on the service per year. I run a 7.3 IDI 1993...
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    Insulation Tape?

    Tyvek tape for housewrap is what I've always used on poly iso foam bd. seals well & never had a pc of tape come loose.
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    Aluma-Lite Travel Trailer

    I'm within an hour of Jognsons, Bontragers & a dozen others. & in yardsale season many things can be found for next to nothing. I put FEMA doors in 3 of my hangers in the 40' big doors. Wish I'd have bought 1 more. $40 with the lock & frame at Toms on the east side 131S just before you turn west...
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    Portable bidet

    Greenco Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment by Greenco 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,168 ratings | 188 answered questions Amazon's Choice for "clear rear" 5 Price Changes List Price: $24.99 Price: $23.47 & FREE Returns
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    Seeking feedback on the pre-purchase inspection report for a car I'm considering

    I think $5k would be high for a 10 year old 4x2. If you do get it I'd look on Ebay for a used tire seller with great feedback. My wifes car takes a somewhat odd size tire & she wanted the exact Pirreli make & model tire that was on it. I bought 4 with 90 tread for $225/shipped, the same as 1...
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    Interesting longread on a UK vandwelling Traveller (Gypsies)

    There are many travelers in the U.S. A large group in North Carolina. They come to Michigan & paint the barn across the street & coat the roof every few years. They have their own lingo & words which my wife knows. Certain words & phrases have meanings most people would miss. Neat bunch IMHO...
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    Schematic Rev 1 Review Please!

    Both my diesels have 2 12v batteries but are NOT 24v, They are both 12v with 2 batteries each.
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    OK Now to plan C Ford Cutaway van

    Just curious how many hours & money you have so far trying to get on the road?
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    High output alternator?

    Another option if you know someone handy is to add a 2nd alt just for the house batteries. Last I knew you can get a 100 watt 1 wire(easy wiring) for under $100. Solar panels are cheap if you shop as I bought 4 320 watt panels from a solar panel factory for $50 ea brand new with cosmetic flaws...
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    High output alternator?

    I have a deisel ambulance with a 250 amp alt that charges the 2 engine batteries 1st the a switch charges the house batteries. If you set the parking brake while running it increases the rpm to about double the idle but I seldom do that but better on the engine than idling. I also have a very...
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    Insurance with Progressive

    Years ago I found a low milage school bus with a 12 valve Cummins I wanted to use mainly just for one week to go to AirVenture in OshKosh Wi. My ins co said school busses were the most dangerous things on the road as they tip over & quoted $1500+ just for PLPD. That shot that idea. I bought an...
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    You have to take the cards dealt you & make the best of them. One day your wonderful life can change in a second. It did for me when I was 49 & in the best health & shape of my life so moral of the story is don't put off any adventure or fun, have faith in something bigger than youself, have...
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    Dome Lights

    Check them again, my ambo are dirrectional & if you move them to the right spot the don't come on.