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  1. cherterr

    Cutting the Rear Seat Wires

    Should I have any concerns for other electronic components in my van getting weird, due to cutting/capping the wires to removed rear bench seat?   Thank you. 
  2. cherterr

    Alligator clips?

    :huh:  My 200w solar panels ( suitcase w/built in controller) has alligator clips for hooking to my 100 ah Bluetop battery. Battery is attached to 800 watt inverter.    Question: Should I just be happy plugging in whatever I need (to use or charge) into the inverter- instead of worrying about...
  3. cherterr

    Finally! Seat out!

    :D  So after nearly 4 years of having my high top Chevy van, I finally made the big decision to pull that seat out of the back!  Although it made a pretty nice bed with the plywood and memory foam, I was just completely sick of absolutely no storage underneath.   Honestly, I don’t remember too...
  4. cherterr

    Alpicool fridge/freezer Temp issues

    I cannot for the life of me, get my C 20 unit to get below 42°.?. It is a couple of years old and has the older readout panel. (Only used once).   I’ve researched YouTube, this forum, and googled myself to death. I thought I had it all squared away last night, when I reset it to original factory...
  5. cherterr

    So Proud of my babies!

    I thought being on the road in the van with two dachshunds and a chihuahua was going to drive me nuts.    They've been super good and  by day 3 they stop barking at everything that moved. Now they only growl a little bit if somebody gets too close to the van.   Poor Rusty is so sensitive about...
  6. cherterr

    Durango, Colorado mechanic?

    Having oil gauge issues probably electrical. If you know a trusted mechanic in Durango please Post here. Would like someone to look at it tomorrow. Thank you
  7. cherterr

    Help. Worried OTR

    Should I be worried.? Background: 1999 Chevy 1500 Express conv. Van . Low low mileage..all systems repaired etc over the last year before I left. My oil gauge started moving today between 20 and 60 whereas it normally just sits on 40. It was according to accelleration, elevation, etc. I...
  8. cherterr

    String blind in van

    Pleated blind in conversion van.  String detatched from top plastic round button thing.  Is there a way to reattach without restringing tge whole thing? How? Thanks
  9. cherterr

    Santa Fe spot?

    Hi TRIBE! :heart: Need a place to sleep tonight in the Santa Fe area. Have dogs. ( Would like internet, at least for some part of the time.) Any word on the WalMart there? I've gotten conflicting reports of overnight parking/no overnight parking. Also any info on Kit Carson NF would be...
  10. cherterr

    OMG!! Where is it Actually COOL?

    MOD PLEASE DELETE. IGNORE Post... EDIT: Looked at weather again... I think it'll be okay.. MOD PLEASE DELETE. I couldn't figure out how to . (Thanks) So I left South freaking, melting hot/humid Texas and figured I'd go NORTH to ND or something.. now it looks like it's gonna be in the high...
  11. cherterr

    For Those of You Who DO and Travel...

    Pot and CBD advice from two Texas Lawyers who SING....
  12. cherterr

    Truck Stop Etiquette

    Great Video on everything  you always wanted (Needed!) to know about how TRUCKERS feel about RVers and Van Travelers using these shared facilities! No need to get the 'stink eye' from the truckers any more. :) :thumbsup:
  13. cherterr

    Hauling Question

    Hello. I suppose it's a little late to be asking this, but I'm a little concerned about towing my small RV with my vehicle.  It IS within the proper towing weight.  So.. here we go: 1999 Chevy Expresss 1500 Conversion Van; Bumper pull 2018 Holiday Trail Runner 21'. I've pulled it on a round...
  14. cherterr

    So. Central Texas Properies For Sale

    Actually, I have two.  PM me and I will send you Craigslist ad links. If you are looking for property in a great location; Rural, yet within a few miles of shopping, etc, with NO RESTRICTIONS (meaning you can camp, live, build what you want, etc.) I've gotten a couple of great little places...
  15. cherterr

    Van Dweller Parking Rentals?

    Need opinions please, VanDwellers: WOULD YOU pay $150-$200 per month to park/camp BOONDOCK with your van? (Over winter) I know most RV parks frown on VanDwellers, pets, and year model RV's for that matter; AND charge a LOT. I think this is something needed, and just trying to see if it's...
  16. cherterr

    Spinning Wheels on the Road? Who SAID we couldn't take along our spinning wheels?? (I read a thread this morning from SOMEONE saying that.. then saw this! Hope you see this!:) Or this link might work better...
  17. cherterr

    Show Me Your CHEVY EXPRESS's!

    Hi.  I've just 'graduated' from my Toyota Sienna and found an AWESOME low mileage 1999 Chevy Express (kept garaged! :) ANYWAY.. I'm a little dismayed over the seeming diagional sleeping situation.. but before I tear into it (or have someone Else do it!)  I'd sure appreaciate some of you guys...
  18. cherterr

    Detector needed for safety w/Propane (small bottle) Heat?

    From a YouTube video I saw someone using the one burner/one small propane bottle type cook burner for heat in a mini van.  I thought that made sense to me because my MR. Buddy is too big (need to sell!) and I have the burner BUT.. Is there some sort of Detector needed for safety with small...
  19. cherterr

    Anybody around Flagstaff This Week?

    Finally got off my duff and left Texas for a while  (Might as well.. I HATE big rains!)   Currently in Omaha, and heading to Flagstaff by Friday... ANYBODY out there?  Got good places to camp/or hotel suggestions? (for a week or so) I would actually like to get a place/property to 'snowbird'...
  20. cherterr

    Seized axle or brake? HELP!!

    Okay... so today (after a couple of reschedules) and waiting seemingly FOREVER the RV mover showed up to move my Fifth Wheel to my other (paid off) property on the tiny lake.  Yay.. PROBLEM: He couldn't get this damn thing to BUDGE!  WHY AREN"T MY WHEELS TURNING? (It has been stationary for...