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  1. Almost There

    Pre-Medicare Nomads-How do you do manage healthcare??

    Should be noted that even in Canada with our 'Universal Health Care' it's not really, really universal. Each province is mandated to manage their own health care system and decide what will and will not be paid for when that provinces' resident receives health care outside of their home...
  2. Almost There

    what to do with spare electronic key

    While it's not electronic, I keep the spare key in the hitch box which is locked with combination locks - no key to lose to get in to the tote box. It's there if the regular key gets lost. I also keep the 'valet' key in my wallet for using when I just lock myself out.
  3. Almost There

    Do You Think The Govt. Will Eventually Try And Squeeze Out Boondocking Life?

    I might be wrong but IIRC the emergency powers of the state over rule the fed policy so that when a state declares a 'state of emergency' they have the top say in the matter and can order federal facilities like BLM and NF to close or to order partial closures (like only in state plates...
  4. Almost There

    Dutch Oven on a Butane camp stove?

    If you really want to stick to those food items that need baking then IMO, the best way to go is with a 2 burner propane stove and the Coleman folding oven. The oven is too big to be used safely on top of the one burner butane stove, not because of tipping but because the oven would overhang...
  5. Almost There

    Electric cooktop

    Any heating of anything by electric is problematic if you intend to spend much time separated from the grid. If it were me, I'd study carefully 'the limited circumstances' that some  YouTube user says he is using induction stove with only limited battery and solar systems. You may (and probably...
  6. Almost There

    Wearing a mask now we are opening?

    I started wearing masks when in grocery etc stores April 12th. I had just finished my mandatory 14 day quarantine (BC demanded it way before it was  Cdn federally mandated) and needed groceries. The first masks I made ( I gave away several), had a permanent washable filter sewn in. The new...
  7. Almost There

    Coleman Camp Oven on a butane stove?

    I used an oversize fry pan once on the butane stove and didn't blow up anything but I wouldn't want to try overhanging anything for any length of time. The fry pan was only on there for maybe 5 minutes. I use the butane stove for cooking inside the van and the propane stove for outside...
  8. Almost There

    Is there a best direction to point your van when camped?

    Only if I'm in a parking lot do I deliberately park facing out for exit strategy. Otherwise, I'm looking at level, vista, wind direction and neighbors for clues as to where to park. Sometimes I luck out and get all four in one place.. :D
  9. Almost There

    DIY face masks

    Try checking here for information on what's allowed here, how to do it, and what will get you in trouble. And here's the one specifically on posting links:
  10. Almost There


    This! I had an old flip phone that I adored. BUT, it got to the point that I was having to stand in my living room window to get any kind of service and this was inside town limits. Finally, after complaining about terrible service several times to my carrier, one CSR finally asked what phone...
  11. Almost There

    Renogy 160 Watt Flexible

    Are those the new(ish) panels Renogy brought out specifically for mounting on Airstreams. If so then they are meant to be flush mounted. My only concern with mounting them with adhesive is that the bond is between the panel and whatever coating you have on the roof. If it's a painted surface...
  12. Almost There

    Virus Issues Crossing From AZ to NV?

    Have you considered just going UP! For every 1,000 feet in elevation gain you lose typically something like 4 degrees F. At this time of year, 4,000 feet elevation is usually sufficient and by early summer heading up to 7 to 8,000 feet works. Cottonwood is around 3,000, Flagstaff is 7,000...
  13. Almost There

    A Van for Suanne

    Congratulations! I've never quite figured out how you managed to manage with the Prius...I've seen you do it but for the life of me, never figured out how you made it work! You will feel so spoiled with a high top van. I seriously recommend that you get windows in the high top. Having had...
  14. Almost There

    Best connector(s) for portable panel

    You're describing two different uses here but this is what I did for each of them. My solar panels (2) each came with MC4 connectors. I added MC4 pigtail extensions to them so I had open wires. These were each wired on to male outdoor plugs. These plug in to a 3 way outdoor extension and then...
  15. Almost There


    They also respond (and not favorably..sigh) to elevation changes so unless you're stationary all the time, be prepared to constantly have to remember to adjust BEFORE you drive!
  16. Almost There

    Question about Trailer Widths

    Winter in the southwest is NOT outdoor shower weather for the most part! I carry a solar shower and it's mostly used in the summer up north when it gets warm enough to use it. Add one of your 'I think I'd like to stay there' southwest places to your daily weather look-see and watch it over the...
  17. Almost There

    Parking - Yikes!!!

    Find the largest empty parking lot you can find. Start by backing it up and turning corners in one direction. Then go the other direction (clockwise/counterclockwise). Do complete rounds of the parking lot. When you're comfortable not only going straight back but around the corners, then...
  18. Almost There

    Class Bs - Can the layout be changed?

    Yes and no! I know several who have removed the microwave and built in extra storage. The bed is a bit more difficult depending on the style of the existing bed and what you want to do with the space. It depends on what's under the bed. In a lot of cases, the bed sections are  hiding major...
  19. Almost There

    what are you doing while under lockdown?

    Made several face masks for myself and a couple other nomads encamped nearby for when we have to go to town. I finally got around to chopping off the extra material on a sheet I was using - it was a queen size sheet and I have a shortened twin. Now the darn thing finally fits well!! I still...
  20. Almost There

    Hauling Non Fixed Solar Panels.

    That glass is probably a whole lot tougher than you would think. Most all of them are built to withstand hail up to something like 3/8" diameter IIRC. You might want to check with the manufacturer for the safety specs on your panels. I carry my Renogy Eclipse panels with the piece of...