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    Ad for parking spot on Craigslist

    VT, I know you posted this s while ago, but wanted to chirp in not to overlook Rv parks. Or at least consider them in your search. I'm in a park now to be closer to work in Ft Worth. $300/ month, includes water, sewer, power and wifi. There is one up the road a half mile for $285. If you have a...
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    Bus Conversions :::

    Morgan, I don't get to this site as often as I used to, sorry I missed your post. I loved my minibus for 3 years and 30,000 miles. I just sold it a few months ago to buy a small 21' fifth wheel to full time in. I have a thread, " finally, pics of my bus, Buford" as well as many more threads and...
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    Dot Pull Over? Weight Station

    It will blow your stealth, but I've seen lots of step vans and trucks that have "Private Rv" or "Not for hire" stenciled on the fender or lower portion of the door on the drivers side where the DOT # would normally go.
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    Finally getting a start

    WOW, that's 4 x bigger than my bus was and 2x the size of my fifth wheel, which is like a mansion compared to the bus, good luck. If you have a smartphone, you can post pictures as attachments.
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    I just bought the 7 gallon aquatainer at walmart. It comes with a built in spigot that screws into the top of the cap
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    If You're Hippie and Ya Know It - Drop Your Pants!

    Born in 67, first travel and "vandwelling" ( ok, it was sleeping in the car or station wagon, or pickup and cap or whatever) was in the mid eighty-six on the way to or from Dead shows, lived not too far from Bethel Ny ( Woodstock) and went to 20 and 25 the reunions. Got an A on a college...
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    Jester, I know there's a few... Cuzzin Dick hangs out in the Cherokee NATO Forest near Ducktown and Copperhill. I'm in Ft worth for a year for work, but I live only about 20 miles form S. Pittsburgh/ Kimball.
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    Uncertain about my vehicle...

    This is a thought, only a thought. If it had been a real emergency, would any of you been able to make it through the back window of a MINI truck in any kind of hurry? The Colorado replaced the s10 truck, it is a small truck, not a full sized. The back window is about 14" high by 3 1/2 feet...
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    Stealth Parking in TX, NC, OR

    Creationode, good to know about Tx, as I just got here a few weeks ago. I still have my Alabama tags, ins and liscense. When I moved from Ny to Alabama two years ago, I got new everything, but took my time about it. Some states ( Ny is 20 days) require you to get Dl, ins, reg, and they don't...
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    Long Time Lurker - Newly Register

    Hi Troy, welcome. I'm working in Ft Worth, origionally from upstate Ny. I can't stand hotels either, hence the fifth wheel. Glad you decided to join us!
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    Hey, from the Adirondack Mts of NY

    Hi Adkhermit, welcome to the forum. I started out my journey vandwelling in a 69 Shasta 14' travel trailer pulled by a Jeep grand Cherokee in CATSKILL Ny. ( you didn't say where in the Adks, but I've hiked and camped and kayaked all over 'em) After moving to the Tn/Al/Ga triangle area, I've...
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    Questions about DIY conversion

    How about a mini bus? I loved mine, put 30kmi on it, and at 6' tall, I could stand with no problem. I have a build thread named " finally, pics of my bus Buford ". It had a bed, stove, pottys , sink, tv/dvd, solar, would pull 10,000 lbs and got 13 mpg. There are a bunch of times I wish I...
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    What is your living quarters when, fulltiming, traveling, boondocking, RVing...

    I stayed n my 14' 1969 shasta for a month and then sold it and the bus for the 5th wheel I have now. Its 21', and I am a full timer living in ft worth Rv park at the moment.
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    New guy in Texas

    Hi Bigdog. I'm in fort worth for about a year for work. I miss my van, and even my pickup camper shell, but cest La'vie. I'm in a small (21') fifth wheel and pay $300/mo, everything included. Its nice having a shower, and all the other stuff, though driving around, there appears to be plenty of...
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    lets ride

    I have a 50 cc Vento Triton ( Chinese) that I look foreward to using once it gets some issues worked out. The Ruckus is a sweet little ride, but way out of my price range, even used.
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    What kind of vehicle to choose? RV or car or other. Safe place to sleep?

    Duhhhhhh to me, just reread and found it. That WOULD be **TINY** wouldn't it?
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    What kind of vehicle to choose? RV or car or other. Safe place to sleep?

    I dunno Kate, its what we had at the time, so its what we used. Its also what i lived in for the first full month of true full timimg back infeb. I know of several people that live in tiny antique trailers, which are huge by mini van standards. . . The fifth wheel I have now is 21', that is...
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    What kind of vehicle to choose? RV or car or other. Safe place to sleep?

    Geez,I think I blew right past your last question. Bob, the owner and founder of this site has done a fantastic job ofexplaining just how he and many others live, work, camp and play on public lands. Go to the top of the forum home page and click on or and...
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    What kind of vehicle to choose? RV or car or other. Safe place to sleep?

    Hi Florid, welcome. My experiance was this- I had always tent camped as a younger guy, and still do when on long trails or if the desire strikes. My first foray into vandwelling ( before I even knew there was such a thing) was to take the seats out of my wifes minivan when I had an out of town...