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    My Side of the Mountain

    "Where the Red Fern Grows" (I always cry.) "The Old Man and the Sea" (Hemingway, I have his complete works but this one is my favorite.) All the Wilder books.
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    Bellyflop in TX

    I lived in South and Central Texas for most of my life. We ALL knew to drip faucets when it went below freezing. We ALL knew to fill the bathtub and every other available container with water when a hurricane was coming and to have plywood around to board up windows. Or at least I thought we...
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    Is it okay to even have a pet as you age?

    Aw, Dingfelder, I am so sorry. It is still too fresh to even think about this. I had my little girl put down on April 1, 2019, and swore I would never get another. I am 69 and you said exactly what I thought. After eight months, I decided to look around and found my now furbaby at the local...
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    If you see this, please tell location.

    Oops, sorry. Forgot to add this. Nothing like ruining a joke.
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    If you see this, please tell location.

    Title says it.
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    Rats in the walls

    I had a packrat building a nest under the starter battery box.  Opened the hood, placed a work light. Power washed the engine compartment, spread a smelly granule product from the hardware store in the compartment, all around the ground.  The only thing that worked was to leave, drove 500 miles...
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    Just Ran Into My First Build Problem

    I gave away my van seats to a young man who was going to install them on a flatbed trailer that he used for tailgating parties. Sounded like a great idea!
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    The negativity we are receiving

    You aren't gonna live in a van in the Walmart parking lot. You are gonna travel and see the country! The Grand Canyon! Fish for salmon on the Columbia River! Lobster in Maine! BBQ in Tennessee! How about Alaska? Mountain forests and streams in summer, desert bloom in spring. How can...
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    How do you carry, if you carry a gun?

    My Dad, many years ago, took me out to shoot his long gun and pistol.  He gave me the pistol.  It sat in the closet.  Twenty plus years later, my husband took me to a range and I fired it a few times.  Sat in the closet another twenty years.  But I "knew" how to use it, right? Wrong!  I...
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    Please help find a suitable van to build for boondocking.

    You know what they say about 4WD, don't you? You just get stuck farther from help.
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    I Want One!

    HDR, Yes, it does. Water? Batteries? Food? Gold panning gear? Lol! Everything that wouldn't fit inside the trailer. TnTravel, you made me laugh! and ya know? You're right, now that you mention it. But it's still Sooo Cute!
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    I Want One!

    Rofl! He (or she?) Is headed up the mountain for dry (no hookups) camping and fishing prolly. This is the last place to supply up and it is about 5,000 ft to climb in about 10 miles from here (where elev is 6200'). Did you notice the solar panel on the roof? It's like a puppy, sooo Cute...
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    I Want One!

    I wonder if his fishin' pole breaks down to fit?
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    I Want One!

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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    Have loved the Little House books since childhood, read them more than a few times. And I enjoy watching the reruns of The Andy Griffith Show and Leave It To Beaver. I want Happy Ever After! If anybody here finds Mayberry, PM me!
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    This is scary

    Smart phone vs other phone... I use my phone for anything internet related because it is all I have, by choice. No laptop or computer. I have, starting today, left the phone in the bedroom with the door closed. Last evening, I made three test comments. 1. (To the dog) "I need to find a dog...
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    This is scary

    Mr Noodly, I enjoy your blog. Not "registered" but I check it daily. I don't know. I do use airplane mode a lot and it does seem to shut off most things?
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    This is scary

    Yes, I have turned off, disabled, or deleted everything that I don't use, since the day I got it. In fact, at the store, when it was activated, I had the store person go through every item and explain what it was and I said lots of, "delete that". As for internet searches and cookies, I...
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    This is scary

    I have heard and read about one's devices spying on you, never thought too much about it.  I have an android phone, prepaid ATT, that is the only device I have with internet access.  No wifi, just cell service.  Have never used it as a hot spot. All apps that can be deleted or disabled are. ...