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    On Star wi-fi

    Hi! I just got a 2009 Chevy HHR Panel and it came with On Star option. I went to the On Star website and it has a plan for 59 bucks that has unlimited wifi with hot spot connections up to 4. Has anyone have On Star with this option and if so does it work ok?
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    12 Volt microwave

    Hi, here is a link to the 12 volt Power Hunt Wave Microwave. There are two versions: AC/DC and DC only There are also reviews on you tube.
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    Hot Potato

    Has anyone used this device or the potato nails? Was it faster? Did you like using it? I am thinking removing the nails would be difficult. (hot)
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    Hi, For those who own motorhomes, I have a question(s). What size engine do you have, year, length, gas mileage and yearly insurance. (without collision/comp.) Reason I am asking is that I found a 1984 Ford E350 motorhome with 55000 miles with a (gulp) 460 engine. Its a 28 footer with duel...
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    Things that go bump in the night

    When one thinks of scary spooky sounds, you think of a fog encrusted forest or cemetery.  But does the desert get spooky? With such an expansive open space, what can hide out there to be scary or create spooky sounds? Does the mind create just false alarms? Are there desert ghosts? Spirits of...
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    Canyon / Colorado

    Hi, Anyone have any experience with the 4x4 GMC Canyon (or the Chevy Colorado) with the 5 cylinder engine? I saw one on CR for sale with a mini box. 5 cylinders? I wonder if its inline or a v5? hmm Thanks
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    Cargo trailer suspension

    Hi, I been reading about / watching vids /browsing cargo trailers and have a question. Do these rigs have suspension to "soften" the jostling around a trailer would go thru on these BLM roads? Are they straight axle or are they equipped with leaf springs? That looks like a lot of beating a...
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    Generator noise solutions

    Hi, I will be starting out using my car and am considering buying a portable generator. Have any of you generator owners tried using some kind of box to muffle some of the noise it creates? I thought I saw a link or web page with one on it but cant remember where I saw it. Thanks
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    Driving in the desert sand

    Hi, does anyone deflate their tires when entering the desert on their way to a camping spot? If so, how much psi do you let out?  Thanks
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    Stardate 01.24.2018

    Captains log, stardate 01.24.2018: I have heard it's not the ship that makes the Captains' journey successful, it's the Captain that makes the ships' journey successful. It is up to the Captain to make the necessary preparations to the ship, any ship no matter its age or condition, to undertake...
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    Generator size to power a 5000 btu a/c

    Hi, What size generator would I need to power a 5000 btu a/c?
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    Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!

    Has anyone had any encounters with large dangerous animals while boondocking? I am going to be starting out using my car, (1999 Merc. Tracer 4 door), and am considering getting a Springbar tent for housing. Is this a bad idea? Should I just stick to sleeping in the car and use a separate...
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    Solar power and a CPAP

    Hi everyone! I have a question about solar power. How long does the energy in a battery bank last/or how much solar would I need to run a cpap machine for 6-8 hours each day? Does anyone use a cpap with their solar?
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    Hightop install

    I have a question. On the inside of the van roof, there are cross members going across, how do they stabilize the roof after cutting the hole and installing hightop?
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    Potty Options

    Hi all! I have seen various options to the portable potty needs. I am wondering if anyone has tried using a healthcare commode as well. Being a former healthcare equipment tech, it occurred to me just now that those would be nice and stable and comfortable to sit on. They come with a bucket...
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    Hello, I am a newcomer to this site and soon to be newbie to this adventurous lifestyle. I have been following Bobs youtube videos for a while and I am excited to start this spring/summer when my lease is up! Right now I am trying to decide which form to follow: mini van, full size van or box...