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    picking up new van

    Sorry to hear that, went thru that a number of times myself. Keep pluggin! GOOD LUCK!
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    On Star wi-fi

    Pick the best plan for you Safety & Security Plan With critical services like Automatic Crash Response and Stolen Vehicle Assistance, the OnStar Safety & Security Plan protects the people and things you love. $24.99/month OnStar Safety & Security Plan + Remote Access Elevate your ownership...
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    On Star wi-fi

    Hot spot? So the on board On star is not the hot spot? It said it had 4. I assumed that the on board unit was providing the wi fi.
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    On Star wi-fi

    The On Star Plan I will buy is 35 a month, so for unlimited wi fi it is 24 month extra. For the plan you are talking about its 250 up front PLUS I will have to buy a new smart phone up front too. I don't want to spend that much up front at this time while starting out.
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    On Star wi-fi

    Ya, I guess mine came with a free trial too when it was new. I do not plan to use it for a long period at a time each use. Just want it for email and buying on amazon, maybe pay bills, etc..... I have Consumer Cellular flip phone for cell phone plan but I do have a few chromebooks and a laptop...
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    On Star wi-fi

    Yes, I know about the 3 and 4g options. However I am not ready to put out 250 bucks at this time. I am going to get the On Star basic option for sure and thought for a little more I can get wifi. Just need to know if anyone has it and if it works and if it is dependable. It uses ATandT network...
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    On Star wi-fi

    Hi! I just got a 2009 Chevy HHR Panel and it came with On Star option. I went to the On Star website and it has a plan for 59 bucks that has unlimited wifi with hot spot connections up to 4. Has anyone have On Star with this option and if so does it work ok?
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    How to travel slow?

    Hi, I recently got my disabled plates and also had them personalized. They say GRAMPA. Why? 1. I am a Grampa 2. I drive the speed limit but sometimes I drive 5 over if I am feeling frisky. 3. Lets drivers behind me know I drive like a Grampa before they can curse me for DRIVING like a...
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    Winnebago Drop Test Video

    Ya, and I was hoping to see them turn it over and drive it away! :D
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    Boondockers United

    Hi, I re- read the posts in the discussion on here and did not see anyone being critical of those who had doubts about joining, etc.  This sounds like a good endeavor / cause, so I myself joined. If some don't want to, that is fine with me. Count me in to spread goodwill, lead by example...
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    Tailgater Table

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    12 Volt microwave

    Hi, here is a link to the 12 volt Power Hunt Wave Microwave. There are two versions: AC/DC and DC only There are also reviews on you tube.
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    jump starter pack question

    Here is a link to purchase the charger:
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    You Ain't Right Club

    Did You Know? In the early years of the 16th century there began to appear in Britain some members of a wandering race of people who were ultimately of Hindu origin and who called themselves and their language Romany. In Britain, however, it was popularly believed that they came from Egypt, so...
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    Odd TIPS Clothes & Closet & Storage

    Ya, I was thinking of growing lettuce, parsley and chive in small pots while on the road. Ooops! I was going to post this in the food forum! sorry!
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    Hot Potato

    Has anyone used this device or the potato nails? Was it faster? Did you like using it? I am thinking removing the nails would be difficult. (hot)
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    Odd TIPS Clothes & Closet & Storage

    Hmmm..... This style looks like a grill space saving device! Seems like this idea has...
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    Odd TIPS Clothes & Closet & Storage

    I found a site that has the potato nails.  I wonder how much faster they cook. (would two nails in one tater cook even faster?) Some of the reviewers were not impressed...
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    SerenityFirefly introduction

    Welcome Miss Firefly! (bzzz bzzz)
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    smoke and co2 detectors

    How about using a napkin holder to stick the CO detector on?