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  1. Mortisha

    I have Returned!

    Thanks Dazar HuggZ!
  2. Mortisha

    I have Returned!

    Heya Bob Thanks so much! Was on youtube the other day and saw a vid with you and Gloria. Very nice! Hope you are doing well HuggZ
  3. Mortisha

    My dog and the heat

    This is one reason I am glad my son is coming with my on my travels across the US because we have 2 dogs and this way with 2 adults we can take turns watching them and still enjoy sites and places that they don't allow animals. Not real sure about places like museums and such what we are going...
  4. Mortisha

    I have Returned!

    Thanks so much Varmint =) I have been working towards this for such a long time now. My youngest goes off to college in Aug and I am so ready to head out west and then up to alaska YAY! HuggZ
  5. Mortisha

    I have Returned!

    Heya Everyone! I am back! Been gone for awhile now and just got my new laptop and am slowly re adding sites back. I am still active on FB and most of the older members are friends over there but wanted to check in here because lots of new things are going on now and getting ready to take out on...
  6. Mortisha

    ignore the lifestyle behind the curtain

    I go full time next year and I am far from retirement LOL I am searching for solitude and peace. Not that I am wanting to leave my family but I want to get back in touch with who I am as a human being and do things for me. I am an artist in many aspects.... crafting, design and even computer...
  7. Mortisha

    rokguy's motorhome truck conversion

    Great Job!! Love the pics! Thanks for Sharing HuggZ
  8. Mortisha


    Heya Kris and Welcome Back HuggZ&nbsp;<img src="/images/boards/smilies/wave.gif" class="emoticon bbc_img">
  9. Mortisha

    Traveling with Rabbits?

    Thanks for the replies. I was kinda wondering about it since I seen so much online about rabbit raising. I guess if you had the space it could be done but of course space would be limited.&nbsp;<img src="/images/boards/smilies/smile.gif" class="emoticon bbc_img">
  10. Mortisha

    Finally made it back home!

    Thanks HuggZ&nbsp;
  11. Mortisha

    Another excited newbie

    Hello GoodTraveler and Welcome HuggZ&nbsp;<img src="/images/boards/smilies/wave.gif" class="emoticon bbc_img">
  12. Mortisha

    Is using necessary?

    Hello Von Jonah... I ,myself, live on an inheritance and of course I craft items as well. I quilt, clothing, shoes and jewelry making. Lots of places online to sell your items. Take care HuggZ
  13. Mortisha

    Plein Air Painting

    Hello and Welcome Waterflow!! HuggZ CongratZ on your new adventure and I am sure you will find lots of beauty to paint!!<img src="/images/boards/smilies/wave.gif" class="emoticon bbc_img">
  14. Mortisha

    Astro Van Help

    I have an Astro van that was giving to me for free and I love it! Big Bertha always comes through it alive LOL! I have the normal issues with Astros like the window motor is shot now and I had to have some work done to the distributor cap cause she didn't want to start in the rain but other than...
  15. Mortisha

    Traveling with Rabbits?

    Ok I know this is the pet section but not sure where else to add this question.... Has anyone ever heard of someone traveling with rabbits used for harvesting? Meaning meat, hides ect... I was just curious about this cause I seen a site on rabbit raising for homesteaders. I have looked up a few...
  16. Mortisha


    Embrace the fear and get excited about your new adventures! Think of the positives and just love life and all it has to offer! You will be fine... in fact better than fine... you will be absolutely wonderful in your new life HuggZ and Welcome!
  17. Mortisha

    Homemade Solar Oven

    Great design! Thanks for sharing HuggZ
  18. Mortisha

    The Deth Star!!

    very nice rig and congratz on your new upcoming adventure HuggZ
  19. Mortisha

    Battered Family Shelters, The Holidays, and Dollar Stores

    Many years ago, I lived in a battered women's shelter for 8 months due to the severity of my case. That is a long story but let me say this... there are lots of people who donate around the holidays and it is wonderful to say the least but it seems that people don't donate much during the rest...
  20. Mortisha

    Starting the plunge

    Good Luck to you and your adventures! HuggZ