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  1. Mortisha

    I have Returned!

    Heya Everyone! I am back! Been gone for awhile now and just got my new laptop and am slowly re adding sites back. I am still active on FB and most of the older members are friends over there but wanted to check in here because lots of new things are going on now and getting ready to take out on...
  2. Mortisha

    Traveling with Rabbits?

    Ok I know this is the pet section but not sure where else to add this question.... Has anyone ever heard of someone traveling with rabbits used for harvesting? Meaning meat, hides ect... I was just curious about this cause I seen a site on rabbit raising for homesteaders. I have looked up a few...
  3. Mortisha

    Finally made it back home!

    Heya everyone HuggZ<br><br>I finally made it back home to cheap living YAY! Sorry I have been gone so long but rl things came up and I was distracted =( I just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive lol and I am doing well. My youngest turns 18 this year and I am getting closer to full...
  4. Mortisha

    Horrible News! Please Help!!!

    Today I get a call from my aunt (I rent the house I live in from her) and she informs me that the bank is taking this house and that I have a month to get out. So I did what every other person would do... I cried! I did not know they were taking the house from her and thought that I could stay...
  5. Mortisha

    Let's Talk Tongue & Groove!

    Ok ... I see many builds using tongue and groove pine and I have priced it and it is reasonable. My question is.... how much warping happens with this build? I have seen several people talk of warping in the heat and I was wondering how I could avoid such a thing when I build... if there is a...
  6. Mortisha

    Another Odd Question!

    Ok so I have be dangerously thinking and please remember I am new at all of this... so if it sounds like common sense it isn't for all of us. =)<br /><br />Since I am so weak, how will I be able to fill my water tank without removing it from the van? the easiest way please. And how can I do it...
  7. Mortisha

    Odd Questions that need answers LOL

    Ok I have a few things that I wanted to get some answers too. They are all odd questions but still van dwelling related.<br /><br />1. What kind of van or rv would a person get if they snore? and how would that affect stealth camping or would it? (no I do not snore I am just curious LOL)<br...
  8. Mortisha

    Fabric YAY!!

    Ok so I went to walmart today and they have a ton of fabric on sale right now! I bought some of the cutest for some blankets I am going to make for the rv. I love pink and there was lots of it LOL Also they have the halloween and christmas fabrics out now and yep I bought up the cute ones now...
  9. Mortisha

    What to do?

    This is something that I have been wondering about.... If you have a pull along camper and you are camped... do you leave it if you have to run into the town lets say to pick up something or do you take it with you? I think I would be afraid to leave it but wouldn't it get annoying to hook it up...
  10. Mortisha

    This is my dream van but omg the price

    This is the van I would love to own but of course there is no way I could afford this LOL Just wanted to share this with you.<br /><br /><a href=""></a>
  11. Mortisha

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone I am from SW Ohio and am researching rv living because I believe within the next 2 years I will be forced to change my lifestyle. I am looking into everything... what is best to buy and such. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks